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Nigeria @62: Police PRO Queries Tweep Who Correct His Grammar


Enoch Oyedibu


The Nigeria Police Force Public Relations Officer, Prince Olumuyiwa Adejobi, has queried a Tweep who try to correct his grammar on twitter.


Prince Adejobi, yesterday had tweeted to reply an Emmanuel Akpan tweet about members of the police force who had allegedly banned #Obidient rally in Lagos to ask if such were true, since he knows nothing about it.


“Go and tell your boys to stop harassing Nigerians. Packing riot policemen to deter the OBIdientlyYUSSful rally in Lagos is uncalled for. I will advise you to channel your policing energy into fighting banditry and kidnapping. Stop infringing on our rights,” Akpan quoted in the tweet.


“Yes sir,” Police PRO had replied in a retweet, “but no one said you cant hav a rally in Lagos, or is there any other like that? Maybe u can send such an other to me to go thru. Thanks..”


Suntalkeredo, a Tweep who noticed some grammatical errors in the police’s image-maker tweet tweeted, “*Order. It is spelt as ORDER not OTHER. Chowderhead.”


However, prince Olumuyiwa Adejobi replied the tweet by query, after acknowledging the commission of the error.


In his words, “On parade, still monitor Lagos activities, sorry for that, its Order***


“But bros, you should know its order, are you a WAEC examiner? Na so dem dey do oo. Happy independence to you sha, you are invited to the banquet.”


Worthy of note, the error is named Catachresis in grammar. It is the use of words in an incorrect manner.


In the Police PRO’s tweet, the error occurred repetitively with the incorrect use of “other” to mean “order.”


Also, errors of ‘unruly abbreviations’ were, prevalent.

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