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NewYear2022: Sogbadero advises Nigerians on Resolutions


Enoch Oyedibu


Honourable Olufemi Eniolapo Johnson politically known as Sogbadero has advised Nigerians on the need for a New Year resolution as the new year unfurled.


Honourable said this today, after he had wished Nigerians a Happy New Year on Saturday.


Johnson advised that New Year is a time to reflect in the year that went by and plan for the upcoming one with new goals and a renewed enthusiasm.

Honourable Olufemi Eniolapo Johnson New

He said Nigerians, youths should start the year with goals set and steps firmly directed towards achieving them.


Honourable Olufemi Eniolapo Johnson reminded that one of the major goal to set in 2022 is to decide the fate of Osun State in the upcoming Gubernatorial election. Adding that, adequate steps must be directed towards electing a leader that can give the state its dreams.

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