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New Militants Group says 2023 Election will be bloody


The 2023 presidential election in Nigeria is shaping up to be a contentious one, as a new video from the “Force of Ebesu” warns of potential bloodshed if President Muhammadu Buhari and state governors do not address the ongoing issues surrounding oil production in the Niger-Delta region.


In the video, a masked individual, believed to be a leader of the group, states that unless the government takes action to address the concerns of those living in the Niger-Delta, the election will be marred by violence. The speaker also demands that President Buhari meet with representatives of the “Force of Ebesu” before the election, in order to discuss and resolve these issues.


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The Niger-Delta region is a major hub of oil production in Nigeria, but residents have long complained of environmental degradation and economic marginalization. In recent years, there have been multiple instances of sabotage and attacks on oil infrastructure in the region, as well as kidnappings of oil workers.


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The warning from the “Force of Ebesu” highlights the ongoing tensions in the Niger-Delta and the need for the government to address the root causes of the unrest. Failure to do so could have serious consequences for the stability of the region and the overall outcome of the 2023 presidential election.


It is important to note that the group “Force of Ebesu” is not a well-known group and it is not clear how much influence they have.It is important that the government take the necessary steps to address the issues in the Niger-Delta, but also to be cautious and not give in to any illegal demands made by any group that might want to exploit the situation for their own gain.


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