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Mother of Two Birth Quadruplet in Ogbomoso, Seeks Assistance 




t was a moment of mixed “joy and unhappiness,” said Rukayat Dauda, the mother of two who was delivered of bouncing quadruplets at Baaki Primary Healthcare Centre Ogbomoso, Oyo state, on Thursday.


The woman who previously had two children and of Alfa compound Ijeru, had no job while the husband, Alimi Lekan Dauda is a butcher who had formerly told his wife to abort due to their challenged financial status.


The woman was already in labour when she arrived the health centre on a commercial motorcycle already on Thursday.


“She had been coming for antenatal care at the centre though it was discovered at Genesis Medical Diagnostics Centre Agboinin Ogbomoso that she was carrying four babies,” a nurse at the health centre Mrs. Alabi told The Insight Newspaper, Ogbomoso.

Mother of Two Birth Quadruplet in Ogbomoso, Seeks Assistance 
The babies in the incubator at the LAUTECH General Teaching Hospital, Ogbomoso. EnochOyedibu/pijalance

“We attended to her subsequently hoping when it is time for her to deliver we will refer her to LAUTECH Teaching Hospital.


“On Thursday we saw her alighting from the okada that brought her but she had hardly entered the clinic when we saw the head of the first baby already coming out.


“We couldn’t ask her to go to the teaching hospital immediately, so, we delivered her of the four babies who were all healthy. Nonetheless we referred her to the teaching hospital afterwards.”


Mrs. Adigun Modupe Daniels also a nurse at the health centre corroborated the story urging pregnant women to always take antenatal care seriously.

Mother of Two Birth Quadruplet in Ogbomoso, Seeks Assistance 
The parent.

Mrs. Esther Olawuyi director of Genesis Medical Diagnostics Centre said to the PIJAlance, “A lady with a natural conception came to our centre for ultrasound scan, few months ago, we discovered she is carrying quadruplets.


“The family was devastated, because they had two children already but we encouraged them and offered them free medical checkup and some cash till birth.


“To God be the glory the woman delivered tonight at one of the primary health centres, here in Ogbomoso, the mother and the four babies are save and healthy.”


The mother, Rukayat Dauda, said she tried aborting the pregnancy on the instruction of her husband but was advised at the Genesis Medical Diagnostics Centre she was carrying four babies disclosing the centre offered them free services till delivery.


“My husband had said I should abort the pregnancy. And l was planning to do so, but everything just happened as it is,” said Rukayat.

Mother of Two Birth Quadruplet in Ogbomoso, Seeks Assistance 
Director of Genesis Diagnosis Medical Centre.

Mrs Esther Olawuyi, the director of Genesis Medical Diagnostics Centre further submitted, “On the 27th of March, 2023 when the woman came to the centre, she had sought for abortion.


“But when we carried out the test, we discovered she was already 12 weeks gone. So, we advised her to not do such. We asked about her reason for abortion and we discovered that they are financially-challenged. So, we took them in and took care of them until her delivery.”


Rukayat who lamented her family of four was staying in a room and the burden of another baby was too much for her to bear, added, “I never knew it is not even one baby, that they are four.


“When Genesis did the scan and told me I was 12 weeks old pregnant, I started crying because my husband must not know. He had advised me to abort it.


“But the person that attended to me told me that l should wait so that I could cry very well because my pregnancy is not just one, it is four. I nearly fainted. But the Genesis came to my rescue. They did all the tests, scans and provided welfare for free until my delivery. They gave me money and took care of me.”


The jobless woman consequently appealed to well-meaning Nigerians to come to their aid.


Olawuyi urged the governments to assist the family so the babies can be taken care of adequately.


She said, “forgetting about our costs and what we had done for the family, the family needs help and we hope the state government and all other well-meaning stakeholders can intervene.”


Meanwhile the babies are presently kept in the incubator at the LAUTECH Teaching Hospital.


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