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Mob Beats Lagos Policeman Unconscious For Pushing Man Into BRT Lane



A mob beat a yet-to-be-identified policeman to a stupor after a man identified simply as Yusuf was rammed by a BRT vehicle from the impact of being allegedly pushed by policemen in the Ketu area of Lagos State.


It was gathered that from eyewitnesses at the scene that the police officer and his colleagues were attempting to dispossess Yusuf of his vehicle when he got pushed into the BRT lane.


In the process, one of the BRT buses plying the lane inward Lagos rammed into Yusuf who collapsed due to the impact of the crash.


Speaking with our correspondent, an eyewitness, who does not want her name mentioned, said the policemen were responsible for Yusuf’s ordeal, adding that he sustained varying degrees of injury as a result of the incident.


“The policemen caused this; they were the ones that were trying to dispossess the man of his vehicle and while trying to push the man out of the vehicle, they pushed him on the BRT lane and an incoming bus ran into the man,” the eyewitness said.

Mob Beats Lagos Policeman Unconscious For Pushing Man Into BRT Lane
Scene of Policemen and passerbys aiding the unconscious officer.

Another eyewitness, whose name could not be ascertained as he hastily spoke with our correspondent when the scene got rowdy, said the police officer, after realising that Yusuf had been crushed by the BRT, attempted to flee the scene but an angry mob apprehended one of them.


He said, “It was people that beat the policeman till he fainted. He has not died because I still observed that he was breathing. People were annoyed about what they did to that man.


“The man sustained serious injuries, look at him lying unconscious on the floor and his blood on the road.”


Source: Deji Lambo – The Punch Newspaper


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