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Mixed Reactions in Kwara Over New Police Station


Oluwatoyin Hawal

Residents of Madi, a community in Kwara state, Nigeria, have mixed reactions to the recent opening of a new police station in the area. While some welcome the increased security and feel safer with the station in place, others are concerned that their community’s longstanding issues, such as a poorly maintained road, have not been addressed.

The new police station has been received with mixed emotions by the residents of Madi. Some, like Abdul Kareem, are grateful for the increased security and the hard work of the local government in bringing the station to the community. Others, however, feel that the station does not address their larger issues, such as a road in disrepair that has caused difficulty for commuters.

One of the decimated roads in Madi, Kwara State. Credit: Our Reporter.

One motorcycle rider says that he was previously too scared to carry passengers through the area at night, but now feels safer with the police station in place. Others, however, express frustration that the road has not been properly maintained and that it presents a danger to pregnant women and others.


Despite these concerns, the community was excited to see the official opening of the police station on Monday, November 21, 2022. Some residents feel that more needs to be done to address their issues and improve their community.

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