Marvel Says Eternals Will Return

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Eternals has the unfortunate distinction of being the only “rotten” MCU movie ever made, but over time, it has found a soft spot in the hearts of many fans, fans who rate it above quite a few other MCU movies that they deem worse. A classic audience/critic split.

Now, we may be seeing The Eternals again. Somehow.

The news comes from Nate Moore, a producer on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and also Eternals itself. He says:

“I don’t want to spoil anything, but we have not seen the last of those characters.”

Now, I suppose that could mean anything, like a cameo in a different film, rather than their own sequel. But with a massive, ensemble cast like that, I’d be a little surprise if referring to “those characters,” ie. all of them, meant anything other than a new movie.

The first film was directed by Chloe Zhao, a recent Oscar winner, and the result was certainly one of the most visually striking Marvel films we’ve seen. It also broke the traditional format of how new characters are introduced, and was a different take on an ensemble that wasn’t a “rag tag team” (Guardians, Suicide Squad) but an established, protective force, millennia old. For all these reasons I quite liked the film, even if critics didn’t, and I’d love to see more from its surviving characters. Though I could go either way on bringing in Harry Styles’ Eros, brother of Thanos, fully into the fold.

Eternals 2, obviously, is not anywhere on Marvel’s big MCU grand schedule right now, but there are plenty of blank spaces in Phase 6 at the moment, even if we know some of that is likely to be filled out by some X-Men. I suppose it’s not impossible that Disney could pivot to giving the Eternals a Disney Plus series instead of a film, but given the production value required, that seems like it would end up being even more expensive than a blockbuster, in theory. No clue if they would be able to get Chloe Zhao to return, but that would be kind of essential, if you ask me.

Eternals was also used to tease Blade, as a moment near the end seems to link Kit Harington’s Black Knight with Mahershala Ali’s Blade, though that film has been delayed after losing its director, and seems to be in some amount of turmoil.

And when is someone going to notice that giant frozen statue in the middle of the ocean?


Source: Forbes

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