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Mandela Rhodes Foundation Opens Fully-funded Scholarship for African Students


Mandela Rhodes Scholarship for African Students 2023 is a wonderful life-changing leadership journey that helps you financially grow, accept challenges, and connect with young African change-driven students.


The leadership development program is surrounded by the key pillars of education, reconciliation, entrepreneurship, and leadership with a belief in the inner transformation of the people.


Keeping the legacy of Nelson Mandela, this fully-funded international scholarship program is to equip young African leaders with the capabilities and audacity to bring forth a place where equal opportunity is endorsed by everyone.


This fully-funded scholarship program 2023 through the Mandela Rhodes Foundation is all about polishing your personality and leadership skills. It will help you stay committed to the difficult parts of your personality by developing a self-awareness approach. You will learn openness to learning and development by respecting the diversity and differences in the community.


You will be able to embrace the complexity factor within your personality, the society, and the systems around you. The program will provide you the real insight into yourself and enable you to deal with situations and people.


Here, the organisers are bringing you to the community where strong connections are built with strangers of different mindsets. A week-long residential workshop under the program will help you learn different components of development and improvement in your career profile.

A visionary individual with a moral authority to stand with the general public are highly encouraged to apply. This African scholarship demands an individual who wants to pursue the advancement of equality, human dignity, and human rights in society.


Moreover, it is expected of you to guide and inspire people to harness their full potential to achieve their desired goals in the profession.


The Mandela Rhodes Foundation offers young leaders from across the African continent a chance to become part of Nelson Mandela’s legacy of transformative impact.


Source: Scholarship Region

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