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Priest Says God Wishes Men to Marry Many wives, Urges Polygamy Will Solve Economy Issues


Enoch Oyedibu


Lotanna Ogbuchukwu, a Nigerian priest who recently resigned from the Anglican Diocese of Nnewi, Anambra State has seen nothing bad in preaching polygamy.



The priest of late in interview with the Premium Times said polygamy is solution to economy problems.



Ogbuchukwu who will soon commence the biblical teaching of polygamy, also noted that the teaching will verify if it is from God or not.


“Polygamy will perfectly help the economy. Look at some countries with high populations. You see how their economy is fast growing. We are even underpopulated here in Nigeria. In summary, once there are more hands, more work can be done and faster.


“Many of the church members have called, asking what happened. I first took a one-year study leave and then I left. After studying over and over again on the concept, I submitted my resignation. I had left the church before I submitted my resignation. So, it was a shock to many of them. So many of them said they know God will later direct me right, while some are saying ‘no we don’t need this concept.’ Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. They should wait until we begin the teachings and they will know if it is of God or not.”


“Now that I am into this (movement), every part of me is into polygamy. So, if any young person wants to marry my daughter as a second wife, I won’t object to it. If two adults agree to marry, what I will make sure I do, as I am also teaching, is that they won’t even have a kiss before the wedding. That’s sinful. But if you agree to marry, don’t even have a kiss, not to talk of having sexual relationship.”


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