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Inside Iree: Like Omowumi, who killed the Madman?

Enoch Oyedibu 


In about some weeks ago, a piece of cold news, perhaps, one of the worst ever, but not the worst splattered through the ears of the people as was reported by a Board of Campus Journalists (NEB) in Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, the axis of Boripe Local Government that a madman was murdered while hands and head of the victim were cut off. The report shuddered all and sundry’s hearts with fear and panic. In a community of about hundreds of thousands, how will a madman be murdered and butchered without anybody seeing or noticing and yet with nobody caught for the heinous crime?


According to the report, the exact period the victim was heartlessly operated on remained a tale of ignorance. Nobody knows. But residents had claimed that though unsure when the deed was done, they ‘guessed’ it should be the previous night of the grotesque gory on the “innocent child of the government.”


The residents confirmed that the “madman was killed; his hands and head have as well been, ripped off its sockets.”


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Shockingly enough, several sides of the story have cluttered the community and have perched tents of wary perspectives regarding the story. An unnamed source had said, “not only hands and head were cut off, but the nipples of the madman were also cut off and could not be seen though head and hands were still there.” But this has not been confirmed by the police.



Moreover, another one was of the Police Divisional Officer of Boripe Local Government, Iree, Osun State, CSP Joshua Owolabi, who, in an ‘on record’ conversation told our correspondent that “the murder was true and the hands and head were truly cut off,” but he didn’t confirm that his nipples were cut off.


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He said since the inception of him acknowledging the incident, his command have been arresting suspects and investigation are still ongoing.


He added that he has called on the Local Government council to find a way to dispose of the body for the healthcare of the residents around the area.


However, until the time of filing this report, who killed the madman remained a question begging for answers in the heart of hearts of many residents, including students in the community.

Residents of the area were at once thrown in panic as they cannot tell maybe a sane, not insane man or woman would be the next to be butchered gruesomely after the madman, but it seems now, they weren’t any longer.


Moreover, the story of the heinous murder of the madman was just coming after the sad event of a female student of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, Omowunmi, who farewelled the world in October 2021 after spending some weeks in her boyfriend’s, Adeyemi, otherwise known as Randy’s residence.


The boy was arrested according to the report and was transferred to the State CID, in Osogbo but until now, no person has heard anything about Randy whether proven guilty or not and whether charged to court or not, whether sentenced or not?


Until now, the fact around Randy remains puzzling as much as the fact around the story of the Madman gruesomely murdered.









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