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Knowing The Person Of John Obidi On Birthday


Enoch Oyedibu


Under connection and a peak of honour, it becomes incumbent for me to necessarily scribble this missive for one of the few young Nigerians, John Obidi, globally influencing young minds, today.


This day is another brighter morning for him to numerically increase and I know this will of no doubt go down in history, so, I decided to pen this for him, knowing full well, that Obidi had this undiluted connection with my community—Ogbomoso—where he spent years baptised in both wise flavory traditions of Yoruba and the academia in Ogbomoso.


I cannot recall the year, probably, maybe I have not been hollered to Interlock myself with the terra-cotta and perch a tent to taste the lemonade of the microcosm, nevertheless, I am very certain, these were the days of Cabin Biscuits and the days when eyes were still hidden somewhere in our armpits.


Notwithstanding, three years, now, I have never met him for once and sadly enough, during his academic expedition in Ogbomoso, I was probably, then, roaming the windows of the heavens.


John Obidi, one leading Nigerian consultant, dominantly on online digital marketing in Africa, is as well a personal development trainer, keynote speaker, and founder of Headstart Africa.

John Obidi

He is also, undoubtedly, the radical crusader of kingship idealism which is aimed to raise kings; a conscious speaker of wise sayings and a travelogue writer with an unflinching style laced with a highly compelling storytelling dexterity.


His Headstart Africa is an online community of over 170,000 business and career professionals in Africa, with me, among them.


John Obidi is a dedicated personality, sworn to the credo of helping young Africans navigate the challenges in their industries and rise to become influential people by providing shared practical solutions for them. When I say, shared practical solutions, I mean, PRACTICAL! no theory. Obidi will give it to you, raw.


Obidi as a Digital Marketing Consultant with over 10 years of experience, has made a huge difference in the online space and continues to do so. Some of his remarkable skills and resourcefulness in bringing innovative solutions to the marketplace have attracted international clients to him. John brings practical intelligence and transferable solutions to both the workplace and the marketplace as a whole, doing so in the most innovative and unconventional ways.

John Obidi

John received a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Benson Idahosa University in Benin, Edo State, after an academic expedition (presumedly, primary and secondary education) in Ogbomoso.


John Obidi, as a thought leader in personal development, leadership, and online marketing, his blog, podcasts, webinars, workshops, masterclasses, conferences, and speaking engagements have proved to be practical, disruptive, and highly progressive. He has spoken at different conferences around the world including in Nigeria, Brazil, UAE, Ghana, Zambia, and Rwanda.


John has also been featured on various national media outlets including TVC Entertainment, Startup Grind, Wazobia Max, Channels, LEAP Africa, Business Day, and more.


In recognition of his influence and contribution to the workplace community, John was recognized as one of Avance Media’s Most Influential Young Nigerians in 2018 and won the Future Awards Africa prize for New Media in the same year. In 2020, he was voted among the 100 Most Influential Young Africans.

John Obidi celebrated by the Headstart Africa on his birthday

John Obidi, until now, remains an icon worthy to emulate, worthy to appreciate and worthy of honour.


It is my pleasure to celebrate you, Daddy G. O. John Obidi for being a great influence on Nigerian and African professionals around the world, and especially, on me.


Moreover, readers, you can connect with john via his blog – johnobidi.com

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