Just In: Two Police Shot dead amid traffic

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Two German police officers have been shot dead on Monday after pulling over a car amid a schedule activity halt, inciting police to dispatch a major manhunt.


The shooting happened at around 4:20 am within the Kusel area of western Rhineland-Palatinate state amid a schedule patrol.


A 24-year-old female police officer and her 29-year-old male colleague were killed.

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“We are critically looking for the criminal perpetrators,” territorial police said in a statement. “At slightest one of the suspects is armed,” they cautioned, encouraging inhabitants not to choose up hitchhikers.


The police said they had no portrayal of the vehicle and did not know the course in which the suspects had fled.


Kaiserslautern city police said they had expanded their look region to the neighbouring state of Saarland.


“Please don’t pick up any hitchhikers in the Kusel district!” they tweeted.


Germany’s GdP police union expressed its “deep shock and sadness” over the shooting.


“Our thoughts are with the relatives and loved ones of the colleagues who died as a result of an act of violence in the line of duty,” GdP deputy chief Joerg Radek said.



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