Just In: OAU Lecturers begin indefinite strike

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Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife Academic Staff Union has pronounced an endless strike following the non-installment of Earned Academic Allowance to its individuals.


The choice to begin strike was part of the agreement reached at the sudden ASUU Congress meeting on  Monday.


A report gave after that Congress, endorsed by Dr. Adeola Egbedokun, the OAU ASUU administrator, further read to some extent, “Congress noticed that there was no significant responsibility with respect to the University to impact installment of EAA to meriting individuals.


“Congress likewise noticed that all political and discretionary means to determine the quandary has fizzled. Thus, congress settled that: Total, Comprehensive and Indefinite Strike ought to start quickly ii. The strike should not be canceled without a congress goal with the impact.


“Installment of EAA should be founded on ASUU calculation. Anything shy of this sounds unsatisfactory if at all possible.


“The Strike Coordinating Committee be set up to screen the strike. In light of the abovementioned and on the strength of the consent allowed by ASUU National President, the Chairman, for the congress proclaimed the commencement of the strike.”

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