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Ireti Doyle suffers Domestic Violence?

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Nollywood actress Ireti Doyle has recently confirmed her divorce from veteran broadcaster, film producer and actor Patrick Doyle in an interview with Chude Jideonwo. The actress, who has six children with Patrick, said that she was no longer married to him and revealed that she had her first child at the age of 19. In the interview, Ireti candidly shared that she had no business being married at that time and that there were some situations that were beyond her control. She also stated that she cannot sacrifice her life in the altar of people’s imagination or fantasy.



In the interview, Chude also disclosed that the actress had suffered physical and domestic violence as a teenager, and Ireti supported his claim as she added that she had no business getting married at that time, not to talk of who she chose to get married to. Ireti met Patrick while she was studying theatre arts at the University of Jos. She was a third-year student at the university when she embarked on a trip to Lagos during a period of industrial action to try her hands on acting. There, she met Patrick, who was the producer and director of a play.


After the auditions, Ireti maintained a cordial relationship with Patrick, who was her boss while she was working with him as an ad-hoc staff. Working for him for about two or three years resulted in a romantic relationship followed by a wedding. By the time they met, Patrick had already been married but lost his wife.


Ireti has always been seen as an advocate for good parenting and happy families. For example, during the EndSars protest across the country when some palliatives were looted, Ireti said in her Twitter handle that it is as a result of hunger. She posted “I know we are renowned for loving awoof, but greed wasn’t the reason for the stampede on palliatives, it was hunger. Acute hunger. That is something your leaders will never live down.” Following the looting across the country, some states including Ekiti State had called on people who looted the state warehouse to return the things they took stating that most of it is not consumables but fertilizers that can be harmful to them.


In conclusion, Ireti Doyle’s recent confirmation of her divorce from Patrick Doyle has brought to light her past experiences with domestic violence and her advocacy for good parenting and happy families. Despite her recent divorce, Ireti continues to be a strong voice in the Nigerian entertainment industry, speaking out on important social issues such as hunger and poverty.


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