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Iree Robbery Attack: See What really happens




The residents of Iree, Boripe local government, in the eve of today witnessed a distasteful event as armed robbers stormed the major banks in the community and killed a police constabulary.

Despite the police station located in between both banks, the armed robbers, about 30 of them, triumph and even shot a police officer known as Kay, in the police station.

Kay, a police constabulary identified as Abdul-Jelili Aladeokin bite the dust while fighting as a lone attacker of the armed robbers.

PIJAlance learnt that as soon as the armed robbers stormed the area, the atmosphere became saturated with tensions as some police officers obey the floor. Some students, citizens also mimic mice in fear of losing their lives. Some of the Nigerian police at the Nigerian Police Divisional Headquarters, Iree, were as well, captured in the run, while their uniform-shirts had been put off from their upper bodies.

Some Nigerian Police Divisional Headquarters, Iree, officers after the attack coming out from their hides with their shirts put off.

Some students who could not run away, were arranged in a single file at the ATM stand, by the armed robbers so to properly loot their belongings.

Among the police, it was only Abdul-Jelili that do not run away and waited to fight against the robbers, whose several shots at him became powerless. In the end, their strength triumphs him, probably, because of the number difference and he was killed with a rod being smashed on his head.

Photo of the decimated Access Bank after the incident

Abdul-Jelili, popularly known as Kay, is a compatriot with no issues. Sadly enough, it was not up to a month he joined the police force, also, not up to a month, his brother, joined the Nigerian Army and died, as well.

Another report had it that the armed robbers came, few minutes, after the bullion van came to UBA with money.


Furthermore, several reports had it that the armed robbers arrived around 3 pm—3:45 respectively, from the road that led to Ikirun and as soon as they arrived, they swung to action—sporadically shot into the air and burgle both United Bank of Africa (UBA) and Access Bank, simultaneously.

Photo of the decimated United Bank of Africa (UBA) after the attack.

Another report opined that it was the Access Bank they burgled first before going to UBA.

While other reports had it that they came in dozens so they burgled both banks at once.

Nevertheless, PIJAlance confirmed that the armed robbers, about 30 of them, raid both banks at once and used more than 30 minutes for their operation, while an hour later, some police caravans arrived from Osogbo, not more than 30minutes drive to the community in the initial sense.

Aside from the police officer killed, many others were injured amidst were students of the Osun State Polytechnic, Iree and some Iree residents.

The armed robbers cart out whoops of properties while they also destroyed many.

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