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Indian Passenger Live Stream NEPAL Plane Crash on Facebook, Video shows Plane bursting into Flames



At least 68 people have been confirmed dead after a Yeti Airlines plane with 72 people onboard crashed minutes before landing in Nepal’s Pokara, ADEYEMI ABDULKAREEM writes.


One of the five deceased Indians, Sonu Jaiswal, went live on Facebook after boarding the flight, giving everyone to preview the moment before the Nepal plane crash in the video. The live-streaming showed that Sonu and his companions were in a happy mood but suddenly, flames appeared before the streaming stopped.


The Facebook Live Video during the fatal crash has now triggered concerns about more air travelers experimenting with such behavior while landing, which may put airplanes at safety risks. As people reacted with shock over an alleged Facebook Live Video, made by one of the five Indians who were killed in the plane crash, experts on Monday debated if going live on social media is possible during a flight with no Wi-fi or phone connection.


The four Indians from Ghazipur district in Uttar Pradesh shared their experience on the ill-fated Yeti Airlines flight in the one and a half minute video, where one of them can be heard saying ‘Mauj Kar Di’ (it has been a great fun).


According to experts, it is not possible to use the internet in a normal flight (although world’s top airlines do provide Wi-Fi on-board for some fee but only on some routes) unless it lands on the tarmac. However, as the airplane approaches the land and comes within the range of nearby telecom towers, some devices may get signal and mobile data may be activated.


A technology expert commented that, “As the aircraft crashed into a river gorge while landing in Pokhara in Nepal, the alleged Facebook Live video may have been in the making without signal and the moment the plan hit the ground, the smartphone may have captured the signal, the mobile data went on and the FB Live Video, still running and searching for any nearby network, was uploaded”.


The four passengers from Baresar in Ghazipur were among five Indians who died along with 68 other passengers in the Nepal plane crash video. Four bodies were yet to be recovered.


Ultimately, nothing can be ruled out. Airline safety protocols must be followed by passengers at all times to avoid safety risks. If the instructions is to switch of the mobile phone while aboard, then as passengers, it is expected that you abide by those rules. A plane crash occurring and claiming 68 lives just a few minutes before landing is a huge loss.


Abide by all airline safety protocols at all times. Do not compromise!


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