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Ilesa Zone Corps Members Clean Osun Rural Market


The Environmental Community Development Service Group of Ilesa Zone, Osun State has recently cleaned up Atakumosa Market and sensitize the community traders, commuters, pedestrian among others on health, cleaninness and personal hygiene.


The corps members converged at Owa Obokun palace to meet the Iya Loja and some notable High chief who appreciated the effort of NYSC at large.


The activity led by the group’s president of each local government and in attendance were all the L G I of Ilesa Zone; Rev. Sobalaje. O, S. the Acting Z I and L G I of Ilesa East, Mrs Oladele L.G.I Ilesa West,a brain behind the program, Mr Adeolu, the L G I of number one local government, Atakumosa, Mrs Folakemi L.G.I Obokun and Mr Stephen Adagun L.G.I Oriade local government. Not only that we also have environmental officers in attendance; Comrade Adedigba and Comrade Tope Emmanuel.

A short interview and briefing was granted by LG I of Ilesa East, Rev Sobalaje.O, S about NYSC NATIONAL DAY CLEANING . He said ” The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program in Nigeria has been a vital institution for fostering national unity and development since its inception in 1973. One of the lesser-known but equally important aspects of this program is the observance of the NYSC National Day Cleaning. This annual event holds a significant place in the hearts of corps members and the nation as a whole.


The NYSC National Day Cleaning was introduced as part of the NYSC program to instill a sense of responsibility and community service in Nigerian youths. This event encourages corps members, to come together for a collective cleanup of public spaces and facilities.


One of the primary objectives of the NYSC program is to inculcate a sense of civic responsibility in Nigerian youths. When you see a graduate doing this, it will serve as an example in which the majority of the people in the society would like to emulate. The National Day Cleaning serves as a practical manifestation of this objective. It requires corps members to actively engage in improving the environment and public spaces, instilling in them a sense of ownership and pride in their communities. He concluded by saying cleaninness is next to Godliness” .

After that the corps members were divided into three groups to pick the litters and clean the market and to also create awareness on the importance of cleaninness, keeping a proper hygiene and the implication of improper hygiene on themselves, the buyers and the community at large.


The traders were implored not to engage in environmental pollution as it can cause various environmental disease which could be dangerous to their health.


The National Day Cleaning is not just about cleaning;

The event also raises awareness about health and hygiene practices through information dissemination during the cleanup activities, participants learn about the importance of proper waste disposal, sanitation, and personal hygiene, which can have long-term benefits for public health.

In showing the act of responsibility, the corps members gave a young lady that fell down some amount money individually in which the beneficiaries expressed her gratitude to the Corps Members and the people in the market prayed for the Corps Members, not only that Iya Loja also prayed personally for the Corps Members for the sensitization of the market. It’s germane to note that Alhaji Good Neighbour as popularly known in the market gave the Corps Members a microphone battery in appreciation for their clean up activity.

After the event, all the litters were properly discarded at Ilesa West LCDA. Rev Sobalaje, appreciated all the Corps Members and the Officials. He admonished the Corps Members to Humble, Socially and Responsibly inclined. He added that The NYSC National Day Cleaning is not just a routine cleanup event; it is a powerful symbol of civic responsibility, community engagement, and environmental consciousness. Its impact goes beyond cleaning streets and public spaces; it helps build a stronger, more integrated, and responsible generation of Nigerian youths. As the NYSC program continues to evolve, the National Day Cleaning remains a vital component in shaping the character and values of the nation’s future leaders.


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