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If your genotype is not compatible with your spouse’s, you’re in trouble — Expert says


Obianujunwam Favour


An Expert from the department pharmacy, University of Nsukka, Ms Obianujunwam Favour has said if your genotypes if not compatible with your spouse’s, you’re in trouble.


“Amazingly,” she said, “nowadays a lot of people are blurred with the complete knowledge of genotypes, blood groups and Rhesus factor (Rh) especially during the time of marriage. Some were bewildered while some, were already losing faith in happy Married life.


“While these are not puzzling as they are believed to be, there are some mythological beliefs that surrounds them which really needs a complete analysis.


“First, the only time you can have a problem in your relationship is when your genotype is not compatible with your spouse’s own. For instance, we have the 3 most popular genotypes, which are AA, AS, and SS. Spouses with AA genotype are compatible, if one is AS and the other is AA, it is still compatible but when both are AS, it is not really advisable to continue with the relationship for the sake of not giving birth to sickler (child with SS). This is why it is sine qua non to know your spouses’ genotype before marriage to avoid such scenario.

“Note that AS means having a trait of sickle cell and SS or SC means having sickle cell disease.


“Furthermore, Blood groups (O, A, B, AB) have no effect on your ability to have and maintain a happy, healthy marriage.


“However, these blood groups differ primarily on the presence or absence of antigens that can stimulate an immune response, this leads us to what we called the Rhesus factor (Rh), which is a specific protein found on the surface of your red blood cells, this brings about negative and positive signs you see beside the blood groups (i.e O+, O-, A+, AB+, et al). Most people have a positive Rhesus factor (Rh-positive) whereas few people have Rh-negative. This is important when a woman is Rh-negative and the husband is Rh-positive, this leads to incompatibility as the woman may give birth to a child that is Rh-positive. Since both the mother and child have different Rhesus factors, Blood cells from an Rh+ baby crossing its Rh- mother’s bloodstream might trigger an immune response and the mother’s body might form antibodies to attack the baby’s Rh+ red blood cells.


“Although, your blood and your baby’s blood typically do not mix during pregnancy, a minimal amount of your baby’s blood and your blood could come in contact with each other during delivery. If there’s an Rh incompatibility and this happens, your body might produce Rh antibodies against Rh factor. These antibodies will not cause problems to an Rh+ baby during the first pregnancy. But they can cause issues if you have a subsequent pregnancy and are carrying another child that is Rh+. When Rh incompatibility has been diagnosed, your doctor will recommend Rh immune globulin (RhoGAM) in your seventh month of pregnancy, and then again within 72 hours after delivery if your baby’s blood type is confirmed as Rh positive upon delivery.


“Rh immune globulin contains Rh IgG antibody, so your body does not react to your baby’s Rh positive cells as if they were a foreign substance, and your body will not produce its own Rh antibodies and avoid miscarriage in the next pregnancy.


“Note that your blood type is something you inherit, so it’s predetermined at birth. You cannot change your blood type later in life.


“This is why it’s highly advisable to avoid broken relationship and an unhealthy marriage, that you and your partner should get your blood tested to know your respective genotypes and blood groups. And before love go deeper, you would have known how compatible are you both to each other. This attempt is to help the future of every child you will give birth to.”

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