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How You Can Earn up to 100k in a week with Freelancing





If you, fortunately, make it to this post, then, it means you’re desperately in need of money and you’re looking forward to a place or job you can do to give you as much as you want.


Don’t worry, you’ve made the right decision by clicking the link and landing on this post.


You’ve found the job you’re looking for but only if you can do the work though.


It is not for everyone.


But if you’ve decided to put in the work, then let’s ride together.


I promise you’ll not regret it as I am going to be working you through my hard times and how I survived with just Freelancing.





2021 was not as productive for me  as 2020 did, but I thank God for what 2021 later gave me towards the end of it.


Last year due to my current state of being broke and tired of it…


I sold myself out to find what I can do to at least help me survive the hardships.


Journalism would have helped but at this stage, most media houses only want a volunteer.


I had created a news website yet I don’t have enough capital to finance myself for a data subscription every day. You know to post, we need a subscription.


So, I was just tired.


At some point, I had thought of quitting. Selling my website and at least getting a token to manage myself for some time.


But, I later thought of the reason I created it at first and that made me hold back.


I cannot lose just now when I hadn’t even achieved anything.


So I started searching for a way to help myself.


At least, I need a job that can finance my dreams. As you know money is just the beginning of every success.


And besides, I need a place I’ll give and will be given back to me. Not really in cash but intelligence.


With that mindset, I joined tutorials and started taking Literature, Government, English and CRS.


Fast forward, coupled with my prior deeper knowledge of Literature I produced a book.


But, the hunger I had joining the tutorial then remained unquenchable. Even after the production of a book.


My pay was not enough to print the book in bulk and market it for sales. And even, submitting it to publishers was another issue.


So I was back to square one—to the drawing board again—broke.


I love my dreams, so much that I can do anything to help them survive. Whereas, I cannot as well give it up for anything.


I need a job. But not just a job, I decided a job I can do that will not affect me in gathering, writing and reporting news.


And that was when I got to know about FREELANCING.




It is one of the digital skills you can have and will never broke again in your life if you know how to harness it well and have your way.


Freelancing is just doing a variety of jobs for different companies and getting paid for each of them.


So, you can work for about 10 to 15 companies in a day. Depending on your speed and what you’re offering. And you’ll get paid for each of your work.


Assuming you’re a Graphic Designer, established as a freelancer, you can design for about 10 companies a day and get paid for each of your work.


Assuming a design cost $20 and you do it for 10 companies a day.


You’re already in the money. You’ve made $200 a day. Someone’s salary of 6months.


That is just what we called Freelancing.


I am not a graphic designer, even though I love it.


I just majored in writing. And I have been writing for several digital companies, since last year.


Writing SEO Articles, writing blog posts, writing sales copies, managing social media accounts, ghostwriting, doing creative writing and Editing where necessary and yes, I am getting paid for each of my work. I do online coaching as well.


The truth is pleasant survival is at risk for youths without digital skills in this age.


Although I just stumbled on this opportunity, I have not been making much. But, I have made some amounts and I have seen a lot of my colleagues as well, making the most out of FREELANCING.


What baffles me is, a few out there only know about this.


Many didn’t.


And that is an issue.


Perhaps this is why the major difference between the wealthy and the poor is the INFORMATION.


One lack it, one has it in abundance.


I don’t want yours to be like that.


Last year, I suffered before I get to know about FREELANCING. The skill that is capable of printing you money daily and which you only manage with your smartphone, your diligence and data subscription.


I nearly bite my tongue when I knew but I didn’t.


I paid to learn it more and completely. I took paid classes online, read a lot of books, especially that aspect of S.E.O writing. I studied well.


Nevertheless, though I went through all those stress to learn it, I do not want you all to go through them.


I am ready to teach anyone interested in FREE!


And this is why I made this post.


You can say it is my way of saying thank you to God who made me stumble on this opportunity, at first.


I’ll teach you everything I had learnt in the recent year and how what you’ll learn can fetch you a lot of income on this same social media FOR FREE!


You’ll have a lot of opportunities and even join my mentorship circle where I’ll be mentoring you about the process every day FOR FREE!


You’ll have opportunities to meet with like-minds and romance together for a better cause.


I’ll still add you to one of our international WhatsApp groups where you can get jobs every day.


To do this Freelancing, you don’t need anything other than your smartphone, your diligence and your data subscription.


If you’re interested, join me on WhatsApp by clicking this link: https://wa.link/z9smvu


Thank you, I’ll be right there waiting.

The neck-deep investigation, OSINT Fact-checking, Climate Change airing the marginalized, and doing critical and accountability reporting is what I do. I lead a group of professional investigators at the PIJAlance Magazine Research and Investigations Desk (RID). If you have a story, check 'contact us' to hit me.

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