How to be focus and purposeful in all walks of life

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Ibiyemi Adekowajo


Many people are entrapped in their daily activities that they don’t really know who their real self is. They cannot figure out what they want with themselves.

We humans want to be focused and determined. But sadly, it’s just what we do versus what we want—total contrast to our desires.What we need is to pay attention to ourselves and know what’s coming to us easily. If we want to know what to focus on, we need to try many different things and get sense of what comes easily to us and go for it. And trying many things to know the best to us.

When you want to know how to focus and remain purposeful, you need to set a goal and be determined. There is a saying that ‘what you believe is what you become’ when you believe you can achieve or do something, the probabilities are high when you set the goals and the desire for it is burning in you.

Know the circle of friends you keep if they are actually impacting your life positively or negatively. It is good to keep friends, but know which relationship is important and strengthen them.

Don’t be lazy with the goal you have set for yourself and don’t procrastinate because procrastination is a killer of destiny.

Spend alone time with yourself and pull yourself together. Being involved with many people’s problem will get you disorganized and affect you greatly because you will loose the focus you have for your life. And you need to be reminding yourself of your goal in order not to forget.

Another thing is to limit your time with gadgets like televisions, phones etc when they stand as a barrier. These devices are useful but when you abuse them, they will make you to lose focus and your goals will be disrupted. Staying online for unnecessary conversations for long or watching TV series that do not help in any way can only be counted as wastage of time.

You get it wrong when you start comparing yourself with others, doing this will only make you to loose focus of who you are because you are different from other people. Be yourself and develop positivity in what you do.

Most importantly, when trying to be determined, don’t get lost and isolated. Have fun days like twice in a month and create a positive mind.

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