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How I emerge as the best graduating student of the year — OSCOTECH Best Graduate reveals



Enoch Oyedibu


The best graduating student of the Osun State College of Technology, Esa Oke, Miss Ayorinde Deborah has explained how she emerged as the best graduating student in the institution.


Miss Ayorinde Deborah disclosed this during a WhatsApp interview with the NEB Journalist recently, adding that she was also a best graduating student in their faculty, during her National Diploma days.


Miss Deborah while trying to explain why an academic distinction became so achievable for her, she said “It was all about faith in God and putting the required work in motion. I see my academics as a responsibility not a right, a responsibility especially to myself before others and I never want anything less than excellence for myself, for this reason I set every motivation, extra miles and hardworking in motion.”


She gave the analysis further that; “Firstly, I trust God more than anything else. Trusting God alone gives him room to direct my path. So I’m not mentioning this religiously,, but it’s a practical lifestyle everyone around me can attest to.


“Secondly, I love myself so much that I always aim for the best. That doesn’t mean I have never failed, of course I waited 3 years before getting this admission,, but I never allowed that define my destination


“Thirdly, I don’t joke with my books.

I am actively involved in activities like other students,, but I give my academics detailed attention that is required. Attending classes as at when due, get assignments done, and prepare for my examinations like that was the last one for me.


“Also, I am mentored by excellent people who have great testimonies as regards their academics, I emulate success.


“To crown it all, I believe in myself to be the wave and agent of change to the mediocre that is being promoted among our youths today and to become this I have to show myself approved.


“Before I read any book,

I always ensure to find something interesting about it (I do this already before the semester begins). As a student, not all courses are fascinating or interesting to us, especially in a field like computer science where we have over 30 other fields enclosed in it.


“After getting attracted,

I start my reading and research on each course doing a lot of jotting too. Personal reading outside class get me familiar with what the course is all about.


“While I don’t depend on past questions, I don’t ignore them too. Answering 2-3 years past questions already broaden my knowledge because they aid my research.


“I attend tutorials a lot and also meet seniors for help in areas I need help with.


“Lastly, I devote at least 18 hours in a week to reading before exams, I don’t wait for exams to come before studying, and I try as much as I can to challenge myself.


“I won’t forget to tell you that I study the word of God before studying my books, it helps bring life and understanding to me.”


Furthermore, Deborah explained how her parents were so supportive, especially, in terms of helping her manage some aspects of her business while she focuses on her studies.


“I have supportive parents,

They manage my farm when I’m away. While I practice fashion designing during holidays, I already have a structure for the supply and delivery of branded t-shirts and wears to my customers.”


Deborah, was awarded the best graduating student in the whole OSUTECH with the 3.96 Cumulative Grade Point Average, this year, 2020/2021 academic session.


She was also formerly awarded the best graduating student in the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, during her National Diploma days, when she graduated with the 3.65 CGPA.


Worthy of note, Miss Ayorind Deborah, is a 24-year-old from okemesi Ekiti, currently, habitat Mowe, Ogun State. She is a Graduate of computer science, yet a serial entrepreneur with focus on fashion and food production

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