How Beekeeper, Valentine turns Immortal Lovers’ Keeper

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If there is any trending news every 14th of February, then, it will be second to Saint Valentine’s Day.


February 14 is often seen, well-recognised and adorned worldwide as Valentine’s day, a day of love and lovers’ celebration of their union.


Though this day has been removed back since 1969 in the Roman calendar when to them, they cannot figure out the entirety of the man, Valentine, the day remains in the heart of many people in the world and obviously will be until the end of the world.




So, if you are a child of this new age, you may ask what is Valentine’s day? Who is Valentine? And why do they tag it as the day of love or celebration of love?


Worry less


This article will clear all your doubts.


The beginning starts with Christianity


In the year of our Lord 30-36, after the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Christianity religion gradually ate deep, especially with the help of the erstwhile persecutor of christ turned preacher, Apostle paul.


Though, as much as the preaching and the conversion rate increases, so, the persecution of Christians then became multiplied.

Saint Valentine
File photo: Saint Valentine

This persecution then doesn’t stop the Christians from preaching. The preaching span to the 3rd century, probably one of the preaching that arrested the heart of the little Valentine and turned him to the Saint.


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3rd Century


Valentine was already baptised, having accepted to be among the followers of Christ.


He was until he accepted Christ, a beekeeper. He keeps bees and here I’ll say, perhaps, he was unsure of his calling then. Bee is equivalent to love. Sweet, Sweet.


Apart from bees, after he gave his life to Christ, Saint Valentine became so meek that he was found always in the company of the epileptic patient. This is why some until today called him, the patron of epilepsy. He was a miracle worker who also opened the eyes of a blind woman that would later reveal his name and immortalise it in the heart of the world.

Saint Valentine
Saint Valentine

Anyways, he was keeping bee when he gave his life to Christ and then, was introduced to the proper way to be humane and yet still be rewarded.


He started his preaching on love and saving grace of Christ until emperor Claudius II Gothicus issued a new decree.


The decree was there was a war and every male of the family is needed. No one then is allowed to copulate, especially, men/soldiers were not allowed to copulate with their wives. The aim is to get them focus on the war and win the battle.


Saint Valentine seeing this, detested it. He saw it as an act of brutality, an act of depriving ones of divine mandate and an act of being gratuitously inhumane.


In his bid to amend this, he started conducting secret weddings for the roman men.


But as it is under the sun, there is no such as SECRET. Valentine was discovered.


His Martyrdom


Valentine upon being discovered was arrested and imprisoned.


Right in the prison, Saint Valentine met with the daughter of his jailer who was blind.


He prayed for her and healed her blindness then they grew intimate.


In a nutshell, Saint Valentine grew to love the woman but not long he was brought to his death on the order of the emperor on February 14, 3rd century ago.


Before his death on that day, as if he had known, he wrote a letter to the woman and labelled it with a signatory, “Your Valentine.”





Saint Valentine’s Day is a day of great remembrance of the Saint who gave his life for the love of God, Christ and humans.


He was killed for secretly conducting wedding ceremonies for men who have been banned to not marrying.


Though some scholars disregarded this claim, it is the truth.


His simple act of humanity, care, passion and dedication to service of God and humanity with no expectations or that his name will be remembered, earn his name a lifetime recounting.


It is expedient if you’ll truly celebrate Valentine’s Day then, that on a day like this that you celebrate genuine love with other people around you and not to your loved ones alone. Show love to the sick, the blind, the bereaved, the disabled, the poor and the underprivileged. Show them, love.


Of course, Saint Valentine whose day of death everyone celebrates as the day of love doesn’t show his love by moving closer to the rich and sacrificing humanity for a piece of cake.


He gave it all to humanity. I am sure, he knows better than all will fade, but humanity last forever.


The bottom line of all, as you celebrate love today, don’t spread your celebration to your loved ones alone, if you’re chanced, go to motherless baby homes, celebrate with them, let them feel loved. Go to the bereaved, go to the blind, go to the underprivileged, go to the poor, give them a token, show care, spend quality time with them and let them feel loved.


Happy Valentine’s Day

Enoch Oyedibu write from Oyo State
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