Google Unveils Trends Hub for Nigeria’s 2023 Elections

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Adeyemi Abdulkareem


Google, in support of the upcoming 2023 Presidential elections, has unveiled a new portal, the Nigeria Election Trends Hub, that will provide a platform for Nigerians to search and discover trending interests related to the presidential and vice presidential candidates, parties, and issues through the eyes of Google Trends.


The page, which can be accessed on the Google Trends website: http://goo.gle/NigeriaElectionTrends, allow users to compare the search popularity of the presidential candidates and trending question being asked about them. Among the features of the portal are maps and graphs displaying the search interest for the candidates over a period of 30 days.


Google has also embarked on a broader initiative to support the 2023 elections, which includes trainings for news and media publishers on how to efficiently use YouTube to tell election stories as well as training from the Google News Lab to help journalists learn how to use search and other Google tools for better storytelling, including data visualization, verification and fact-checking.


In addition, Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, the Communications and Public affairs Manager for West Africa said, as Nigeria celebrates 24 years of Democracy in the upcoming elections, Google’s mission to organize and make the world’s information universally accessible and useful is more relevant than ever.


Adding that, “We want Nigerians to be empowered with information during the upcoming elections, so we’re organizing information to make it easy for voters to learn more about the candidates through the lens of Google. More accessible and useful political information improves the political process and leads to greater citizen participation.”


Google said the Nigeria Elections Trends Hub will help voters make more informed decisions at the polls, and have a greater voice in the political process.


Kola Ogunlade further added, “We’re empowering voters so that they are not simply watching from afar, but participating, engaging with and shaping the political process in a democratic way.”


The 2023 presidential elections is journey that Nigerians are very much anticipating. However, as a result, Google has made this platform available to help Nigerians in studying closely and evaluating the candidates through informative news offered, so as to help Nigerians to make decision that would better the country at large. It is a time Nigerians properly scrutinize presidential candidates and make use of the power in their hands to elect the right leader to lead the country. The country cannot afford more years of unproductive leadership.


A platform is now in place. Get informed and make the right decision. Uphold your integrity. The future of this country solely depends on you and I.

Adeyemi Abdulkareem is PIJAlance Magazine’s Business and Technology writer, writing from Abuja.


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