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Five Ways Classroom Teacher Can Celebrate Valentine’s Day 



Teachers and some educators get to spend a better day of their Valentine’s Day in the classroom as builders and developers of the world.


As we mark, another lovers’ season, it is understandable that before the afternoon-evening celebration, you won’t love to miss the morning-after noon celebration in the company of your students in the classroom. It is the time that can make anyone get into their feelings, and moods, which is understandable.


You can love yourself, enjoy the day with your students, wear a happy-clappy mood in class, wear red if you want, or buy chocolates if you wish. The point is that you just have to enjoy life even though you don’t have a significant other at this time and that’s all we are about in this piece.


Here are ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day as a classroom teacher:

Five Ways A Classroom Teacher Can Spend Valentine’s Day 

Five ways Class-room teachers can celebrate valentine.


1. Give your students gifts

You may decide to celebrate the most active students in your class and that students who disturbs your class the most.


You may also consider that particularly students that doesn’t pay attention in class. Through love, you can make the best of your students.



2. Organise Love Talk 

Your students are technologically savvy, hence, they see so many things online and on the social media. Help them to filter the things that they should see, read and watch. Teach them Love values and lessons.



3. Ask them to share their love stories

It doesn’t matter what they say, let them express themselves, as a model show them how to build love without boundaries and limitations. Ask them how they can share the love with others and make the world a better place.


4. Define to them LOVE and analyse how sexual love can be sweet and deadly

Make them understand the value of time in love and the need for them to focus on their studies and not get entangled in any sexual or unproductive relationships.


5. Sing, laugh, eat and play together

We know you want to teach and do serious work. But, come on, all work and no play… Share gifts, play and laugh, and ensure that you build an environment where they can share their deepest feelings that they won’t tell their parents. Remember you are their moral conscience.


Trust you enjoy the list of five ways a teacher can celebrate Valentine’s Day? If yes, loads of hugs for you, great teacher. You are the best. 


Here’s us wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Folaranmi Ajayi is an educator, investigative journalist with special interest in education,career development for students, project writing, public speaking and online training.

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