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FG Attempts to Pass Controversial Water Bill Amid Killing Spree


Enoch Oyedibu


In a report published by the West Africa Weekly on Tuesday, the Federal Government of Nigeria is attempting to pass a controversial National Water Resources Bill, 2022, secretly through the House of Representatives on Wednesday, December 28, 2022.


The bill, which has faced opposition and has been rejected by the National Assembly in the past, would make it illegal to engage in any water-related activities, such as fishing, sand dredging, and land reclamation, without a license and grants the government the authority to seize control of natural water bodies and tax people for using them.


Some have suggested that the bill is driven by an ulterior motive and fear that it may be used to allocate water resources to the benefit of Fulani herders, who have been linked to a surge in killings and violence in the country.


The implications of the bill, if passed, could be significant for the millions of people in Nigeria, particularly in rural areas, who rely on water bodies for their livelihoods.


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