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FACT-CHECK: Police Describe Trending Social Media Video of ‘Davido Son’ Fake


Enoch Oyedibu


The trending video of a child drowned in a swimming pool being used as  a prototype of how Davido’s son, Ifeanyi died was fake, Lagos Police Spokesperson, Benjamin Hundeyin claimed.


The video which continues to circulate on Social media has been tagged a misrepresentation of the victim, Ifeanyi Adeleke whose death remains riddled with mystery.



“We haven’t started checking the content of the CCTV we collected from Davido’s house.


“Any video you see online is not the real thing. It is fake,” Benjamin Hundeyin tell BBC Pidgin.


Also, checks by the BBC Disinformation Unit claimed the video is not from Nigeria.


PIJAlance Magazine Research Unit also discovered that the viral CCTV footage in Nigeria is of a two-year old boy in China.


Further checks revealed that the incident happened in China on 23 August, 2019. This was why the the child trended in 2022 to relate with Davido’s son.


Davido and his fiancée Chioma Rowland, a popular chef and influencer, have yet to talk about the death of their child.


On Tuesday police invite eight domestic staff of the celebrity for questioning.


Police detain Ifeanyi nanny

The nanny employed to take care of Ifeanyi Adeleke has been detained by the police.


The Lagos state police command confirm to the newsmen that they retain the nanny as their investigation continue into the death of the three-year-old son of Nigeria music star, Davido.


The death incident which was revealed on  Monday night had Police on  Tuesday arrest eight people, all of which are the domestic staff working in the house when the incident happened.


“We arrest them for questioning so that they can tell us what they know about the incident. After the interrogation we will release anybody we feel is not a suspect,” Benjamin Hundeyin, Lagos police Spokesperson said.


Hundeyin added that the police will arrest anybody they are not comfortable with their response


Police release six, detain two

As people are still worrying about Ifeanyi Adeleke incident that attracted  global attention, police confirmed the release of six out of the suspects they have arrested while they retained two.


Hundeyin said the two people they retained are for the sake of the investigation.


He said the two are the nanny and “one other person whom I don’t know,” but it is to ask them questions before “we know what we will do next.”


The police said the six people didn’t pass the night in the station—they get theie bail on the same day.


Davido Quiet Over autopsy

The police explained that standard procedure while doing an investigation of a case relating to death is to conduct an autopsy.


Benjamin Hundeyin said as far as the Ifeanyi death is concern, the Police will conduct an autopsy.


“Some families usually say they are not interested in an autopsy even though it is something they supposed to do.


“On this case, Ifeanyi parents, have not talked about their interest in autopsy ,” he added.


He said as it is Police will have no other choice but to conduct an autopsy except the parents say otherwise.

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