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Facebook Clothes Vendors Collect 105k Payment of Goods and Blocked The Buyer On Whatssap


Two Facebook Clothes Vendors have individually played the same roles in the business life of Kazeem Olajumoke who is currently devastated on how to sort out her customers. Her debt knocks profusely as obviously, customers beat a path to her door, but none of them knows that she has nothing to offer, at present. Scammers have shut her door to next bountiful sales and drowned her savings while trying to make ends meet as a fresh graduate preparing for her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Nigeria.


Olajumoke met the two clothes vendors on their Facebook pages while looking for a clothes vendor who sells at a cheaper rate convenient for her to resell to her customers. The first page known as Blessing Collection has been in existence, probably, into the business of fraud since more than two years, PIJAlance found.


Blessing Collection’s first page used for the alleged fraud was named Blessing Unisex Collection and was connected to one account details named Ebilah Emmanuel.

The page usually posts beautiful and enticing clothes, bags and shoes with little captions detailing the prices at a very lower rate.


It would put its phone number beneath the post for people to get in touch with it. Anyone who tries to comment by showing interest, it would promptly reply by referring them to message it on WhatsApp.


However, checks by PIJAlance found that this page was used for scamming people in 2021 and years around it.


According to a review made by Mary Jenkins the page was used for fraudulent activities. She wrote, “Warning!!! It’s a scam. By an ibo woman. Who collects money from people and does not deliver the goods. The pages have been reported to Facebook and Instagram and we are raising a petition to bring it down. Do not send any money to this account:


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0641287861

GTB. she will block you after you have page her.”


But Facebook hasn’t done anything on this since then. The page is still there, moreover, Blessing Collection has opened a new page. She is doing the same thing on the page and that was the new page Kazeem Olajumoke saw.


Having concluded the business discussion, “I sent her the money in three places because as she was sending pictures and I was posting for my customers to see, some of them were picking their wants and I immediately point them out to her. When she calculated everything, it was 92k I sent.


“All of the sudden, after receiving the payment, she just decided not to reply to my messages again when I check up to know when the goods will arrive.


“But she still posts on her status, every day.”


It was about the same time, Olajumoke approached another wholesaler called Auto Deal Discount Sales, with Esther, as the name given behind it. It seems, Olajumoke approached them at the same time but both of them were into the same deal—fraud.

Esther’s page on Facebook.

Olajumoke was led to Whatssap again but this time to pay into one Benjamin Clement’s Opay account for the goods she wants to buy. When Olajumoke asked why the name was different with her name, she said it was her husband’s name and account that both of them are into the wholesaling business together.


Olajumoke sent 13k to Benjamin Clement’s Opay account and the moment her payment was confirmed, unlike Blessing Collection, she was blocked by Esther.


She tried chatting with the husband. He asked for another money to deliver her goods. Olajumoke said she cannot give out the money then, Clement also blocked her.


Now, Olajumoke is left with zero naira in her bank account while her customers whom she has promised to deliver their goods keep on trucking on her neck; she keeps watching the clock and hoping God.


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