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Ex Polytechnics Students Lament As OSPOLY Mgt Delay Deployment


Agency Report


Some former Kwara State, Gateway, Ibadan e.t.c Polytechnics students admitted to study Mass Communication in the Higher National Diploma programme in Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, have decried the delay of the institution in deploying them for their National Youths Service Corps.


Kwara State Polytechnic students who became admitted into the institution due to the inability of their Polytechnic to run an HND programme, then, said it has been a recurring thing in every session that OSPOLY management will willingly delay Kwara State and other polytechnics students with issues unfounded.


Speaking with the recent victims of the delay, one who simply gave her name as Sekinat (not real name) said, “Due to the issues we have on our final result which is ND awaiting. And we are told to pay #20,000 to be used for re-verification,” of their results.


“Kp (Kwara Poly) students pay #20,000, Ibadan Polytechnic students pay #10,000 while OSPOLY students, #5,000. No one is allowed to see our results.”


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Meanwhile, in a release by the media relations officer of the institution, Tope Abiola, he said the collection of the money for re-verification is certified by the state government and it is #5,000 naira for each student affected.


But sekinat has said this is false as she supplied a receipt of the payment of #20,000 nairas paid into the institution’s account for the verification of her result and yet has not been deployed for NYSC since May 12th.


The receipt supplied by Sekinat


Another student affected made a similar statement to Sekinat with an emphasis on the fact that he”never have access to even check” his “result,” much less of going to NYSC.


“I paid #20,000 for ND result re-verification, and nothing was done since four months ago.”


Furthermore, another aggrieved student from Gateway Polytechnic, lamented that “After waiting for four good months for the results, “my results were not pasted; the space was blank.


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“They wrote dossier problem on the space. I came down to iree from Lagos and I was asked to pay the #10,000 re-verification fee which I did immediately.”


She added that she submitted all necessary documents and that how she had a dossier problem baffled her, and also recounted that “I’ve paid that money since May and I have not been cleared.”


“When the Senate list for batch B stream 2 was out my name was not included. I have to travel back to iree from Lagos to know what was happening unfortunately for me I got to school and the school has not taken any step to clear my results.


“The documents that I submitted when I was asked to pay the #10,000 was still in the re-verification office after two months of paying for re-verification….too bad!”


However, a student of Kwara State Polytechnic who has also affected four months ago and has had hers rectified, now serving made a shocking revelation regarding OSPOLY and Kwara Poly issues.


In her speech, she said “I was among those students that Ospoly later cleared their name… The issue I had was that Incorrect Neco pin Number, I was told to pay #2,500 while others pay #20,000 for ND Awaiting Result… They said they will use the #20,000 to verify our results.


“I have gone for my service while others are still at home.


“The day I went to collect my statement of result, the man at Exam and Record said I was opportune (fortunate) that he only selected five students from Kwara poly to go for NYSC that I should thank God I was among those selected.”


She continued that “He said and I quote… You see the school you guys went to for your National Diploma programme is a useless institution. You students from that school always feel on top of the world, he said we haven’t seen anything, that why do we have to attend that institution for our ND programme.”


Notwithstanding, issues like ND Awaiting, fake scratch cards, unclear photocopies, screening problems e.t.c are constant for students to experience generally in OSPOLY whenever it is about time for their final year results to be released and be deployed for NYSC.


However, these issues especially have been incumbent to students coming from other schools like Kwara Polytechnic, Ibadan Polytechnic, Gateway e.t.c in every session.

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