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Evil Effects of Drug Abuse on Nigerian Youth

A lot of students abuse these drugs to be awaken throughout the day or night for studying without knowing the havoc they are causing to themselves.





Whenever drug abuse is being mentioned, what generally comes to our mind is illegal drugs like Marijuana or Indian hemp, Tobacco, Cocaine etc. Also, a plethora of people thinks it’s mostly abused by the guys while some believe it is taken by illiterate people.

Well, it is just a common notion especially in Nigeria and other African nations.


Drug abuse can be defined as the unduly or excessive use of drugs regarded as psychoactive or stimulatory drugs and also those drugs aforementioned. These psychoactive drugs undoubtedly lead to physical, mental and as well as social disorders. They are categorized into many classes which include; Central Nervous System (CNS) stimulants, CNS depressants, Narcotics analgesics, hallucinogens and cannabis.

A lot of students abuse these drugs to be awaken throughout the day or night for studying without knowing the havoc they are causing to themselves. Remembered a story told by one university Don; a lad who depended on those drugs whenever the exam is near. Later he had serious health issues such as lungs damage, depression, amnesia (loss of memory), mental confusion and encephalon damage. All these led to his withdrawal from school and because he could not bear it, he committed suicide. There are myriads of students and youths like him taking those drugs frequently.

Many of these psychoactive drugs include Amphetamine, Dextroamphetamine, Methamphetamine and other sympathomimetics or adrenergic agonists. This set of drugs cause the release of noradrenaline (one of the catecholamine hormones made by adrenal glands located on top of your kidneys) that stimulates nerve ending leading to the CNS stimulatory effect.

Howbeit, Methamphetamine has a greater CNS stimulatory effect and high potential abuse and these drugs, when you are addicted to them, it is laborious to resist the urge of using them no matter how much harm it may inflict.

Lastly, with these egregious nocuous reasons, it is pertinent to abstain from using such drugs as their damage is more than their therapeutic effects. Especially the youth and university students (who are under pressure to finish their voluminous handouts before their exams).

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