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Electricity: Osun Community cry out for eon power cut


Enoch Oyedibu


Residents of Oke Ogi, Oke Glo, some part of BHS, Poly Junction, in Iree, Osun State have cried out to electricity company over Sundays of no power supply.


Residents said though they were told the transformer that supply their power was faulty, they had been compelled to contribute a sum of 1000 naira by each house in the affected areas to purchase what spoilt in the transformer yet, until this very moment electricity has not come to live in those areas, whereas all the money have been contributed successfully.


Mr Adeyemo, one of the men in charge of the collection of the contribution from house-to-house said he had given all the contributions to the electricity company in charge of Iree power supply and are still expecting when the power would go on.


According to him, electricity suppliers said what spoilt in the transformer beyond what they think so this is why the power hasn’t since been restored.

Iree-IBEDC working on transformer
Photo of the Iree Electricity suppliers working on one transformer at Poly Junction to repair. Mr Yusuf is the with wine T-shirt and denim jean.

Some residents allegedly saw electricity suppliers exhuming the transformer from where it was planted and hence, it hasn’t been returned.


Some said that there will not be a power supply in those areas for a whole year as this is accustomed to power suppliers delaying despite “our bill payments every month.”


Students staying in those areas mentioned said they are greatly affected by the power outage and the feeling of hearing that friend’s apartment has power yet, theirs enjoyed power cut, is “always hurting.”


Some residents decried that they contributed and that contribution still didn’t aid the swiftness of them getting their power restored.


“Normally, these power holding companies should help us restore power when our power is cut and our transformer is faulty, yet based on the rottenness of the country, we know waiting on them is never, this is why we were told to contribute money so to quicken we getting our power restored immediately, yet, our immediacy expectations now appearing fool errands.”


Another resident said, “just yesterday BHS own started. Before, it starts with Oke Ogi (Oke Eleeye), Eyiade, Oke Glo; Now it has spread to BHS, Poly junction and some parts at off Campus. We never know if this is turning better or becoming worsen.”


However, some moments with PIJAONLINE, the Head of the Technical Unity, Iree Ibadan Electricity Branch, Mr Yusuf disclosed that since the inception of the fault developed in the transformer they have written a letter to their headquarters, but there hasn’t been a reply since then. This is why the community choose to take it upon itself.


“And I am assuring you that very soon, this week, those places their power will be restored.”


He also added that “for BHS, Poly Junction and other parts not affected before they were now affected by the power outage, will have power restoration today.” This is proven as before our correspondent left his office, he had prepared to go and find a solution to it.


Interestingly, as of the time of filing this report, Poly Junction power has been restored.


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