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Eagling Makinde And Struggling Atiku Trying to Live Again

If the entire PDP is accusing Seyi Makinde of one playing antipathy, I think they should all come clean to define the word perfectly.


Enoch Oyedibu


Reacting to the now-deleted (facebook post by Dino Melaye) audio notes made into a video, containing one croaky voice of a political mudslinger who wines and dines in the court of bitter politics and which was evidenced in him saying governor’s picture be removed out of the WhatsApp group and that none of the contents relating to Governor Seyi Makinde and his Deputy must be shared into the platform again due to the fact he deemed as “Seyi Makinde is playing antipathy against Atiku Abubakar”, I need to write to teach the undone child the way.


First, the entire People’s Democratic Party members nationwide should know they have started dancing into a dire retrogression in terms of the 2023 presidency since the time they rejected Peter Obi to prefer the old bigot, Atiku Abubakar.


Peradventure, PDP’s flag would have flown high here if Obi had had the ticket brought home, but since Nigeria politics is both bitter and money-centric, choosing to cede the ticket to Atiku is inevitable. Moreover, no one, I am sure, ever knows, the ticket is doomed to precariously fail.


Without munching this discourse unnecessarily, all and sundry knows better that Atiku’s ticket can never fly. This is as much as that of the Batista ticket. But due to the politics of the callous liars and deceivers, none of the people following Mr Abubakar will tell him the truth that Aso Rock is full and his tenancy is not needed.


Seyi Makinde being one of the few sane politicians with a reasonable developmental vision for the future, is not expected to follow suit, the man in yesterday whose ticket, he knows will never fly.


If the entire PDP is accusing Seyi Makinde of one playing antipathy, I think they should all come clean to define the word perfectly. Seyi Makinde is free to play antipathy against a ticket aimed to only gratify the want of self and not the public; a ticket aimed to sacrifice the near-unifying ethnics to a total company of granular saboteurs.


Atiku Abubakar has done a lot in the past years which, has constantly given him out as someone who only exists for himself and the north. Forgetting the havoc he had wrecked in Nigeria while he was vice president, his recent statement about the north, was even worse.


Borrowed from the guardian, the statement was seen as anti-north and anti-unity in Nigeria. It is a statement that seeks to perpetuate poverty, illiteracy, backwardness and gross underdevelopment in the north. Sadly enough, many Etikus blind with greed will never see this.


The north, his pride, is currently the number one underdeveloped region in Nigeria with a high rate of illiteracy and poverty eaten deep. This same north in Sokoto, had some of his religious borachios burnt an innocent Deborah over WhatsApp discourse. This same Atiku sympathised with the family of Deborah while condemning the act but thereafter after the threat of votes, Atiku deleted the tweet and denied authorising such a post. It is only a fool that will think Atiku’s ticket should fly. The ticket’s wings have been riddled with Atiku’s constant bullets of erring, making it hard for it to fly.


If a spade should be called one, the northerners have held the north to ransom for too long and need change. If there is any section of the country that needs drastic turnaround; a section that needs new brains to bring real-time development and change, it is the north. There is no doubt about this fact. The north needs a turnaround more than any other region.


Any leader who sees nothing wrong with the awful and pathetic state of affairs in the north is not being honest. The underdevelopment in the north was foisted by northern leaders and Atiku was not exempted. In other words, the north is undeveloped the north. Over the decades, the north has been held down by leaders of northern extraction who presided over Nigeria and saw nothing wrong with the poverty and misery culture. It is time for the north to rethink and seeks a way out of the underdevelopment and poverty quagmire. It is not clinging or sticking to the old attitudes that have failed the people. Just as the way, Seyi Makinde will never stick to the old attitudes. So, if Seyi Makinde is playing antipathy, one should ask, what about the anti-north and anti-unity our Atiku is playing?


Matter-of-factly, there is no bitterness in saying that Nigeria will incredibly plunge itself into Muhammadu Buhari Promax if Atiku Abubakar succeeded in renting the Aso Rock. Atiku Abubakar is a perfect representation of irredentism ideology which is not needed yet in already scattered religiously-and-ethnically-laden-Nigeria. We are trying to bring all of us together, appease the separatism advocators and let Nigeria, as one big country and nation work again. And if this is the vision, Atiku is among many others not needed in 2023.


Worthy of note, the voice notes also added that Atiku brought 1 billion nairas to Oyo State to help Seyi Makinde when he was out of money during the election after He had lost his election. While His Excellency Seyi Makinde has yet to talk about this, I need to say, both the context and content of the notes were heavily faulted.


Ask anyone nationwide, they will relate that Seyi Makinde was voted in voluntarily. And this was because, at that time, all hopes for Oyo were lost, especially when one who would have to amass larger votes and outweigh Seyi’s sought to marry the government that owns workers’ salaries, drenched students with more than 1-year strike, verbally abuse citizens and delight to see LAUTECH be turned to a poultry farm.


Maybe the money Atiku brought to Oyo was for his election, to emerge, but in the end, didn’t. This is further a revelation for us. Rather we treat this as Atiku bringing 1 billion to help Seyi Makinde in 2019 when he was out of funds, why don’t we say Atiku brought one billion to Oyo to induce citizens and buy their votes? Thanks to that bitter voice, we are now in the know that Atiku sought to buy votes in 2019. So this is it, the man that bought the vote in 2019 and did not make it will buy more votes in 2023 to make it. Nigerians in Oyo should watch out, for struggling Atiku is trying hard to truncate the agenda of the eagling Makinde. Even if Seyi Makinde has not done well, He is still the best needed in 2023 in Oyo.

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