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Critical Review of Anikulapo: Epic of Deep Meanings


Jerome Kalu, Agency Review


Editor’s note

Anyone that knows Kunle Afolayan and his movies can easily guess what to expect in the newest movie released: Anikulapo. From Roti to Naija Christmas, to Phone Swap, to the Figurine, to October 1, to Citations and many more; Kunle Afolayan is unmistakably described as a filmmaking aficionado and talented maestro that never disappoint and in Anikulapo, he didn’t, as well. He has a standard of mastery that many in the industry are still struggling to level against and in Anikulapo, he wholly unleashed some to spice the movie. Indeed, it was a spiced one, if I may say. Describing Anikulapo, I will say it is an aesthetic movie with many themes captured and numerous meanings depicted. It is full of expertly intelligent works applied to blend experiences, and activities in modern and traditional settings yet to evoke deep meanings of mystery. It is such a unique movie that if it is given the eponymous name Anikulapo, no one would doubt it, not even, when, all activities in the movie ironically start and ends with this man called: Anikulapo. However, this movie since its release in September 30, 2022, it has generated a lot of mixed reactions. Today,  readers join me as I present to you, PIJAlance Magazine Critical Review of Anikulapo to best judge if it is a movie worthy of your time — Enoch Oyedibu.


Critical Review of Anikulapo

The protagonist of the movie, Saro. PIJAlance Magazine — Source — the movie.

Critical review of Anikulapo as a movie started with a prologue, giving us the prelude to the jaw-breaking scenes we’re about to watch. While the prologue was on, we met our man, lying in a state, ragged and bruised, completely lifeless. It was a custom in Yoruba land not to bury the dead, rather they leave them in a sacred forest, where they can be met with birds like Akala who may resurrect them if their death is untimely and such is that of our man lying wholly sucked out of breath when the bird appeared with its smoky wings and murky beak. The appearance came with a usual twitter as it warbled, a gourd fell on the ground beside the dead man, and then he rose, gasping with one of his eyes nearly plucked out. The scene was grotesque, scary, suspenseful and ominous. In the end, the bird tweeped, “what was the cause of your death? It is not your time yet.” Our man heavily exhaled to tell us the cause and the film began.

From the movie

Critical Review of Anikulapo: Dealing with Flashbacks

The next scene led us to Oyo Ile, even, the moment when its Masquerade festival was being done. There was an exodus of people coming in and out and amongst them was Saro, our protagonist from Gbongan who was the figure of the man resurrected by the Akala bird, the other time. It seems that the scenes from this point are what led to the action which made him dead-forgotten in the sacred forest and resurrected later, but will he survive the blow?

Saro, on his first visit to Oyo Ile. PIJAlance Magazine — source — the movie.

As with all other literary works, Kunle Afolayan didn’t waste any time hiding our protagonist, he instantly led us to meet him and speedily plunged him into trouble, that artisan saro, from Gbongan, dexterous in making Aso-ofi is only left to make hard choices. It is essential for us to also note the succession of how his name is called because upon it lies the rise and fall of the movie. Saro, the Aso-ofi weaver from Gbongan.


Saro was an itinerant who weaves, traditional Yoruba attire, Aso-ofi, as earlier stated. He was arrogant, ungrateful, poor, jobless and yet lustful.


Saro is a fully grown-up man who can still be described as every woman’s choice. This being, he never wasted time manifesting his lust on any woman that crosses his way or that made themselves available to him.

When Saro firstly met, Awarun.

His first encounter in Oyo was with a famous rich divorcee who was old enough to be his mother, often addressed as “Iya Wa,” meaning, “our mother”, but her name is, Awarun.

When Awarun met Saro.

Awarun was not forced into the lust of Saro, rather Saro was however forced to bury his head in her thighs and our Saro, never know how to say NO!


Preferably, one could say, Awarun was the one that lured Saro into the act and instantly help activated Saro’s hidden lust.

Awarun was described as a man-eater who left her husband’s house all of the sudden to live alone. She was a potter business trader whose erotic desire ever lies on every young man her eyes could behold. She usually took them in, feed them, and then, have canal knowledge with them.


When Saro got to the land of Oyo Ile, unfortunately for him, he was tired and where he sought to lay his head for rest, was at the potter shop of Awarun.

When she came around, it was first a shock to meet a man, snoring deep in the hot of the day in front of her shop. She woke him, after which they exchanged words to the point that Awarun, cooked for Saro and gave him a piece of advice on working to gather enough money to establish his Aso-ofi weaving business.


By this, one would have thought Awarun was a kind woman who only expressed her philanthropic heart to Saro; a stranger in Oyo Ile. But, no one knew she had a plan, not even Saro until it was in the middle of the night when Saro was deeply lost in the land of the nod. He was half naked, living his chest bare open at the residence of Iya wa. Suddenly, we see the fairest physique of Iya wa, half-naked, wrapped in a loose toga around her chest. She smiled as a child so happy at the meal yearned, placed before her. She was eager to devour Saro with her body so she jumped on Saro’s chest and when he woke, instead of retorting, our Saro embraced the breast of Iya wa and the two made the night as sweet as Solomon Grundy’s rhyme lines.


The next scene met with Saro already working in the workplace of Iya wa. No one knows if years have passed or it was just the next day since it was not stated, but all we knew was that Saro who had earlier disliked the filthiness the work could bring to his lazy body, has now found joy, in keeping the whole of his body in the mud.

One of the gossip in the movie

In no short time, Saro became the top choice of Iya wa, and as with her custom of her, all workers are fed twice a day and will still be paid. When Saro’s food was brought, it was with a special treat and everyone was filled with wonder, no one knew why Saro had so much admiration for her, except one man—also an artisan, maybe better to be referred to as a busybody, who is always not busy but still busy. He was also a gossip who has his shop very near to that of Awarun’s. When Saro first had his encounter with Iya wa, he was eavesdropping, so he knows everything. He even knows that Saro and Awarun are now having canal knowledge together. He was the first to talk sense into Saro that Iya wa was a Man-eater who will not marry anyone but just have them have sex with her and go, and whenever she is through with them, she turned them into a henpecked.


Saro did not listen, rather, he continued with the relationship with her until one night when Saro expected her lust lover to come around in a new residence she had built for him but didn’t see her, so Saro visited her residence instead and only to find another man, having his turn with Iya wa. Saro’s lustful heart, what he, in the movie called love, was sad and on the second day, the sadness was felt in his workplace.


Meanwhile, we forgot to mention that Saro was no longer working in the workplace of Awarun. She has established him, and now, he is practising his work fully as Aso-ofi weaver.

Iya wa visited. Saro didn’t pay greetings. She knew something was wrong then initiated the discussion.


Saro made his anger known but was sarcastically abused in return. Awarun made herself clear that she wasn’t looking for a husband. Saro instantly remembered what the gossip had said in the marketplace as Awarun left with a crocodile smile.


However, to think with that little friction Awarun will never need the service of Saro again was a joke. Another night came, with another night, and another night; Saro still camp in the bosom of Awarun. And as their relationship grows, so Saro’s business booms, because through the influence of Iya wa, she usually recommends Saro as the best weaver in Oyo. She even did that in the palace of Iku Alaafin of Oyo and queens sought Saro’s presence in the palace.


For Saro, don’t forget he has this special trait that women would always fall for. Maybe because of his fitness or because of that tribal marks, no one knows. This trait, he usually carries anywhere. We mean, just anywhere. He even carried this trait to the palace of the ancestral king of Oyo and after showing them the Aso ofi, one of the palace princesses, and even, one of the queens see more than just an Aso-ofi. For the princess, it is a man as handsome as his fabrics (Aso-ofi) and for the queen, it is her moon lover. Saro, rather than have a penchant for the princess and bid the king’s blessing to have her who is in love with him already, he rather fell head over heels for the Queen, the youngest wife of Alaafin—Arolake.


Arolake was very loved by the king and cared for to the point that other queens jealously hated her for it and because of that they usually make the palace hard for her to the point that she had no joy in the palace even when loved so much and given everything a woman will ever wanted. She is also a barren woman and that has always been one of the source of issues for her with other queens.


Arolake as young as she was, cannot remarry because it is not only taboo to marry the king’s wife, it is forbidden to elope with the Alaafin’s wife. But to Saro and Arolake, such is not a taboo. None of them remembered such.


The first day they met in the palace came with a series of thoughts in their minds with which one could agree as lustful ones. That night never passed, while Saro was on his way back to his residence that he was ambushed by Queen Arolake with her lewd desire, bounced on him and seduced him until he embraced the company for them to keep themselves in a hot romance.


Don’t forget, our Saro, never know how to say NO!

Saro and Queen Arolake

Saro never wasn’t remorseful as his desire was now carting away from Awarun and setting on the king’s wife, Arolake. Night by night, they met, only to have sex. And their relationship got to a point that they were no longer meeting in the bush but at the residence of Saro.


Their relationship, however, gave Awarun a goosebump so she called to warn Saro, but he would not listen until the night of their end.

That night, they met as usual and after a hot session of deep romance with both displayed partially naked, they shared their past stories and those stories were so touching that Arolake suggested they elope. Saro objected however, later agreed, and bid Arolake goes and pack her belongings. She even promised to steal some of the king’s money to carter for their journey.


Don’t forget, we told you about the princess who also loved Saro. She told her mother and whether through force or persuasion, the mother had however agreed to make sure Saro and she married. Though she has not declared her love openly, she was a very inquisitive princess who like the company of Arolake. This company she likes led her to know Arolake was not always in her room at night. So, she decided to follow her one night and that was when the road led her to Saro’s residence her lover, involved in a hot romance with the queen.

She felt betrayed, sad and dejected. As it is said; “it is better to live in the wilderness than with a contentious and angry woman”. An angry woman cannot only ruin a nation but the world.


The princess confronted the queen in anger and accused her of snatching her husband. The queen who just got to her room to pack her belongings for elopement was bewildered but that will not stop her from running away. The princess in that terrible tears ran to her mother and relayed everything to her. That kindled the anger of the palace, and the king took it up. We never knew if the king was aware of the elopement or not, but what we knew was that night Saro was captured, he was accused of betrayal. The king pronounced judgement on him. He was dragged to the sacred forest and then, killed.


This was how we got to the first scene where Saro was seen lying lifelessly in the sacred forest. And every previous scenes were the explanations of Saro to the Akala bird who came to resurrect him. Akala bird having heard everything, whispered again, “you don’t deserve to live.”


Critical Review of Anikulapo: Dealing with the present and the end

The Akala bird was about to pick its gourd and fly away when Queen Arolake who has been hiding behind a tree since ran to the Akala bird and smash it with a log of the tree. That made the Akala bird not take the gourd with it and in turn, kept our man alive again. She kept the gourd and they left for their journey.


On their way, having being stranded they met with one hunter who helped them out and shelter them in his residence in Ojumo village, so that they will not fall into the hands of the white men selling slaves.


On getting to his residence, his only son was seen dead and everyone was mourning. Arolake remembered that the gourd was what Akala bird used to wake Saro, she sought for Saro and told him, about it, claiming that he should use it for the boy so as his reputation can be made abroad as the one who resurrect and in turns their life will be better. You know our Saro, is lazy and still a coward, he denied immediately that he can’t even touch the gourd. But the insistence of the woman, made him do so. He summoned the courage given to him by his eloped wife, then, used the amulet to touch the boy’s head and he was alive, instantly. Everyone was amazed and swiftly they were given food and cared for. Very quickly, almost all villagers sought Saro, even the king sought him and that was how he got the name: Anikulapo—the one who has death in his pouch.

The king retained him and gave him special residence with his wife.


Everything was going smoothly until another day when Anikulapo’s lustful eyes were seen surveying one of his maid’s robust backside. Unknown to everyone, not even to Arolake, a time came, the maid, Omowon would in the end be met with the surprise of her life. It was her and Anikulapo that was at home, alone. And you know, as it is said, an idle man is the devil’s workshop. The thought of having the hot romance with Omowon wax stronger in the heart of our man, and when he could not hold it any longer, he thought of faking a fly ran into his eyes. He called Omowon to help him, while he was seated on the bed, half-naked… Omowon entered with panic, trying to help the boss, but our beloved Saro did it again. He raped Omowon.

A few weeks later Omowon was pregnant and didn’t take too long before Arolake knew about the incident. It was a very bitter dose for her to swallow. But, Saro, instead of apologizing, hid under the fact that Arolake never gave birth and that was the reason. Saro promised never to repeat such mistake again.

Take love, with that we would have thought such will never happen again since Saro had promised. But such happened again with Omowon and now she had two children. Such happened again with another woman, and now our Saro the Aso-ofi weaver from Gbongan had three wives at a go.

Critical Review Anikulapo

What was more, the two wives did more of what Arolake experienced in the Palace to her. They talk dirty about her and as though, sometimes Saro would caution them, it was not always in a harsh way. Arolake was deserted completely. The desertion was now even worse than that of the one in the palace. Nonetheless, in all these, Arolake was just patient. She never talks back to Saro except on one occasion when she heard the latest wife of Saro called her “pretentious and barren queen.”


Critical Review Anikulapo

Arolake quizzed Saro about why he let out her secrets to his wife. She made him understand that such was dangerous to her existence especially if the Alaafin of Oyo should know her treasured wife was still alive.


Arolake engaged in a self-apraising which led her to call Saro the “dirty one…”. But that got on the wrong side of our affluent, Man. Saro slapped her and the movie became more interesting as the scene was a shocking one for everyone. No one knows Saro could do such. Indeed when men don’t have wealth, their behaviour is of other people but when they do, they exhibit their true selves.

Critical Review Anikulapo

Arolake was desolated. She said nothing, but rather left Saro’s room. That night’s incident made the gap between Saro and Arolake became wider. The gap started as a crack on the first day of Omowon, but our beloved Saro was insensitive to fix it until it becomes wider.


Moreover, the chief priest of Ojumo village was concerned about a man resurrecting the dead with just a gourd. He wanted to see it end by sending him off from the village or by making him bring the gourd for them to know the source of his power. So he told the king, and they inquire about Saro, but he threatened to live the land if they decided to have the gourd. He knows they cannot allow him to leave.

Critical Review Anikulapo

Nevertheless, on a distasteful occasion, the only prince of the king died. Saro was consulted and when he got there, instead of focusing on the prince, his lustful eyes again fell on the only princess of the king. He instantly agreed on helping the king to resurrect the prince only if he will give him the princess as his wife. The king objected telling him that he is ungrateful, despite all he did for him. Saro was also adamant.


On the other hand, one of the Ojumo village gossipers have carried the news of Saro requesting to take the king’s princess as another wife abroad. The news got to the ears of everyone and including the ears of Arolake, the betrayed wife of Saro.

Critical Review Anikulapo

Oh! If you’re reading this, I’ll say, don’t offend a woman, and when you do, seek forgiveness and never repeat the mistakes.


Women are powerful when they are angry and are mighty when they are not.


The mightiness of Arolake was seen in love by helping Saro back to life, helping him become rich and yes, helping his bed warm. But Saro was insensitive and now, has turned that mighty woman into a powerful woman who is now filled with fury, anger, bitterness and nothing else but just bitterness. As soon as she heard the news, she became impatient and the only thing left in her heart was to leave the house for Saro. But while leaving, she never left without emptying the dusty sand meant for resurrection in the gourd.


And as biblical Samson who thought he has the power when he rose again to face the philistines even when his seven cloaks of hair has been cut off by Delilah, Saro appeared again before the Ojumo village king after the king has agreed to his demand, took the gourd and placed it on the forehead of the dead prince. He shouted “Arise.”

Critical Review Anikulapo

All chiefs, the chief priest, the king, the queen, and the princess were there watching, hoping Saro will resurrect him as usual but nay! It is not just coming. This prince will not be raised. Saro did it a second time, then, knowing this is an exercise in futility, shame covered him immediately as he sandwiched his index finger in his ungrateful mouth.

Critical Review Anikulapo

In anger, Ojumo village King, sentenced him to death.



When one critically do a review of Anikulapo, you will understand that the settings in the movie were yoruba village settings and only two villages; Oyo Ile and Ojumo were identified.


Critical review of Anikulapo: Examining Ethics and Intelligence Blended

  • Subtitle/Audio and Languages

Kunle Afolayan should probably be given the kudos for metamorphosing the old, predictable and near-perfection rudiment of Yoruba movies to a new form exemplified in this masterpiece that aligned with the global movies pedestal. He should possibly be given this offer of globalizing Yoruba movies.


If you watch the movie you’ll know it was made to serve both Yoruba-speaking audiences and English-speaking audiences, at a time. It was practically made in Yoruba dialect but all actors and actresses were compelled to voice their scenes for the English-speaking audience. So, if you think the Yoruba dialect is not understandable, you can switch the audio and still hear each character speaking in English. This is just an improvement from just subtitling Yoruba movies in English and limiting just English-speaking audiences to flow by running their eyes after the fast-moving car of subtitles on the screen. It is a good innovation.


  • Blend of Modern and Traditional trends

In the movie, critical review of Anikulapo shows that modern trends were blended into expressing themselves through traditional settings of the series of events that occurred in the movie.


First was the issue of “Sugar Mummy”, which has become one of the prevalent issues pervading Nigerian society.


Sugar Mummies are divorced mothers who are mostly rich and usually prefer to stay alone while having canal knowledge with a series of young men. Most times these young men are used for money rituals and many times it is just for fun. Though, they will even be fed and given money; these young men are not given chance to live their life but live as a mirror and tools for the entertainment of the sugar mummies. And we found this in Awarun, who boldly had canal knowledge with young men and told them, she does not marry any of them. She made this known when Saro was about mistaking their affairs as that of husband and wife.


And as it is in the movie, no end was pictured for Iya wa, which implies that the trends continue in Nigeria and the world; sugar Mummies are there, out there, lurking for young men.

Critical Review Anikulapo
(critical review of Anikulapo)

Another modern trend in Nigeria blended and expressed through tradition was the theme of lust lustily thriving among the Nigerian youth, nowadays. The critical review of Anikulapo as well orchestrated that the movie was of no doubt ethically and morally didactic to ensure it cautions youth engaging in lust and now led to having affairs with just anyone ready for them. Be it their brother’s wife, their father’s wife, friend’s wife, their siblings, etc. This culminated in many of what is read in news, every day.


The critical review of Anikulapo further makes one to observe that the movie was out to ensure youth stop engaging in lust by showing them how lust drives the course of Saro to accept just someone old enough to be his mother to sleep with him. This is a taboo according to the Biblical and Quranic standards. There are, according to the books about four women every man commanded by God not to sleep with. They are your Sister, Mother, your father’s wife and your brother’s wife. Reuben did it and was cursed. Saro did it too and his life ended in misery. Saro could have rejected the offer even when the woman asked for it. He was dexterous, he could have made a living from other jobs to start his weaving work. He would’ve been so great about it and if fate was on his side, he will eventually get to the palace, meet the princess and irrespective of how Queen Arolake was cunningly calling for him, married the princess and become part of the family of the king. In the end, he would have just been great and lived long, without lust. But with lust, he did not, rather, he was miserable and dead twice.

  • Ungratefulness, Greed, Pride, Laziness and African men’s insensitivity

Perhaps, we should say some African men, if not all, but Saro was just too insensitive. So insensitive to know that danger looms even from the day he impregnated Omowon. So insensitive that he continually remains ungrateful to those who helped him and rather deep sword into their eyes.


His act of ungratefulness starts with what he did to Awarun. Irrespective of their affairs, the woman empowered him to be great. He became great, then, he forgot the woman, now clinched with the new woman whom he regard as “my guardian”. And indeed, Arolake, Arolake, Arolake, if you can have a wife like that just be glad. She was indeed his guardian. She loved him plainly with no bias or second thought. She was the one that saved him even when Akala bird wants to desist from saving him. She was the only one besides him even when no one was there. She got eloped with him not because of money or wealth but because of her love and his love. She never knew his love for him was fake. She was the one who took the gourd and gave it to Saro and even taught him how to use it to make them rich. She was the one that made him rich and influential again in Ojumo village.

Critical Review of Anikulapo
Saro. (Critical Review box Anikulapo)

But, when our man will repay her, he did by impregnating her maid, taking another wife, slapping her, allowing her to be maltreated by other wives who didn’t know how their husband became rich, telling other wives their greatest secrets, and seeking to take another wife over her. Saro rejected and forgot about Arolake so easily and that was what made us understand that not only lust, laziness, greed, and insensitivity were his nature, but ungratefulness was also part of his uncanny traits.


Above all these, pride walked into his life and he sought to have the princess of Ojumo village. With ungratefulness helping him to forget that the king had earlier helped him to have a residence and stay in his town, he abused the king. And we know instantly that, truly pride goes before destruction. And a man’s behaviour is truly not known until he is wealthy.


  • Don’t Forget Your Source

Critical review of Anikulapo makes one to also understand that the movie teaches us that we should never forget our source. We know, the moment Saro forget his source in Oyo, his streams dried and was killed.


Then there was another source of life for him, Arolake. She helped him back to life and became wealthy. Our man, again, forget his source and his flowing streams dried forever.

Men should not also be ungrateful, because no one can rise without being helped, and once you do, don’t forget your source.

The lesson to learn is simple: African men, particularly Nigerian men should not be full of greed and lust for it destroys. They should be content with what they have. Also, they should never be lazy because laziness makes you subjected to do just anything bearing in mind an idle man is a devil’s workshop. Men should not also be ungrateful, because no one can rise without being helped, and once you do, don’t forget your source. It is not as to allow them to be your “godfather” but do not forget them in a way that you make them feel miserable. And always be sensitive, sensitive and sensitive about women.


  • Hakeem Kae-Kazim as a Symbol of Intelligence

Kunle Afolayan made it real and obscure too much of talks of Hakeem which may damage the Yoruba traditional settings it is working on giving him the newest trait of a king that does not speak in the public. This characterisation is simply new to Hakeem and the viewers on the screen who knows Hakeem Kae-Kazim and his British accent.


We cannot easily guess. Many may call it something else, but this is geniuses, at play. Very few of Hollywood directors are as sensitive as this.


  • Woman’s Power to make or mar a Man

It is not a gainsaying that women are the makers of men. With them, the earth is proliferated. Perhaps, we should say that a man is wretched or rich is traceable to a woman. Though men are socially and religiously placed above women, probably because of women’s fragility and the need for them to be protected, cared for and loved; they are still indispensable to the existence of men in society. And as the saying goes, behind every successful man, there is a woman. Just pray you find a woman like Arolake, you’ll conquer the world as long as she is loved and respected, always.


Our Holy Book noted in Proverb that he who finds a good wife finds good things. It is still a real fact. Arolake was a good wife, mistreated by men in the movie. She would have become a better wife if she was not mistreated.

Arolake was a good wife, mistreated by men in the movie. She would have become a better wife if she was not mistreated.


It is worthy to note that the true and genuine love of a woman, can make a man to be successful and better than his peers. This is why man must get it right first in marriage before anything else in life. If a man gets it wrong in the marriage, nothing else will work out.


Arolake was a quintessence of through thin and thick. She supported her husband, hoping to get his love and nothing more. But she was betrayed when Saro took other wives, mistreated her, let out her secrets and still desire to take another wife. She knew it, she was not wanted there any longer. And this was why she left. Maybe at this juncture, we should rephrase our subheading that “your destiny-aligned woman has the power to make and mar you.”


… true and genuine love of a woman, can make a man to be successful and better than his peers.

Arolake made Saro, and as well, Marred Saro.


Saro was made by a woman, his mother, though was not known in the movie.


Saro grew up to become one that was made rich by a woman, again—Awarun.


Saro’s lustful desire and greediness led him to his death and a woman again, resurrect him.


Saro show love to the woman and she believed him, then, make him rich by teaching him what to do.


Saro became rich and then, sinned against the woman.


When the sins became iniquities, the woman who made him rich, rose against him to bring him down and it was so.


If this did not teach you any sense against danger in lust, greed, laziness, ungratefulness, pride and in not being sensitive while hurting your woman, nothing else will.


Critical Review of Anikulapo: Knowing the Cast

Critical Review Anikulapo
Fl:Eyiyemi Afolayan, Kunle Remi, Bimbo Ademoye, Shola Sobowale, Kunle Afolayan. (Critical Review of Anikulapo)

The cast of the film includes Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Sola Sobowale, Kunle Remi, Bimbo Ademoye, Taiwo Hassan, Faithia Balogun, Adebayo Salami, Kareem Adepoju, Moji Olayiwola and Aisha Lawal. It has a runtime of about 2 hours and 22 minutes in total. The story is said to be inspired by Ifayemi Elebuibon.


Critical Review of Anikulapo: Ethical Issues

Critical Review Anikulapo
The protagonist of the movie, Saro. (Critical Review of Anikulapo)
  • Saro’s plucked eyes.

In the first scene of the movie, Saro was displayed as one with one eye plucked out. But later after the scenes of the flashback, we see, Saro’s eyes are perfect. Is it deliberate or an err done inadvertently?


  • Saro’s beards

Before and after the death of Saro in Oyo Ile, he was a well-shaved man who have no beards. Even when he was resurrected by the Akala bird, no beard was on his chin until the next scene where we see thick bushy beard. 

Could it be Saro and Arolake spent months in the bush before they met the Hunter who helped them out? This was not stated.


The protagonist of the movie, Saro. (Critical review of Anikulapo)


  • Saro’s and Arolake’s Nudes Scene

Everything was fine in the movie except where we watch Yoruba moral standards nearly lost and sacrificed for the world trend.

This became manifest when Arolake naked herself with her breasts bare open to be filmed and the nakedness of Saro, as well. Although it was all half-nakedness, they don’t depict the complete yoruba morality we are all known for.

Out of all tribes, the Yorubas are still known to be a tribe that carefully covers ourselves. Even, the sex scenes in our movies are not displayed erotically like that except in nowadays Nollywood movies where it has become rampant.


Still, Bimbo Ademoye as Arolake owes her followers an explanation for defying her statement earlier this year when she said in an interview…

Still, Bimbo Ademoye as Arolake owes her followers an explanation for defying her statement earlier this year when she said in an interview, “Never! My father is observing. In no movie am I allowed to play a naked or sexy scene”, but she did in this movie which even Saro couldn’t resist but embrace.


Moreover, Bimbo may not be blamed too much since the effect maker, Hakeem has explained it was an artificial breast made by his team.


Nevertheless, it’s believed Kunle Afolayan is communicating something to the Nollywood industry and that is DIFFERENCE. This is why he is doing some of the things that have never been done, before. And if he is doing such, he should as well incorporate the morality of Yorubas into his movies by not letting it slip away and be sacrificed for the world trend like other movies usually do.


Above all, after our critical review of Anikulapo, we, strongly recommend Anikulapo for Nigerians, Africans and the World. It is still streaming on Netflix, watch it here.

Kunle Afolayan (critical Review of Anikulapo)



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