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‘Creativity exposed me to a lot of opportunity I can’t imagine’ — Odunayo


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A student of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, Adedire Odunayo Isaiah has said being a creative person exposed him to a lot of opportunities he doesn’t imagine.


Odunayo said this in an interview with the PIJAONLINE. The interview which was aimed at airing some landmarking Nigerian-based student-entrepreneurs.


Odunayo is the Chief Executive Officer of the Cr8tivesense branding, designing and Advertising company.


Over the years, he has worked for several top organisations home and abroad, both those who operate online and offline.


Odunayo in this interview, explain why it has been so easy for him:


PIJAONLINE: can we know you?


Odunayo: I am Adedire Odunayo Isaiah, popularly known as Cr8tivesense. I am the founder of the Cr8tivesense company. A company that is specialised in Branding, Designing and helping companies gain online and offline presence through digital means. I have other digital skills like Copywriting, Social Media Marketing skills and of course, I am still an undergraduate of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree.


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PIJAONLINE: that is superb. How did you come about this Cr8tivesense, it’s quite…


Odunayo: Yeah, Yeah, I come about it through my creativity. You know creativity is just about your ability to bring out meaning out of the unseen realms and that is what I do. Once there is meaning in what you bring out, then, it is creative. If it has no meaning, it is bawdy. About the Cr8tivesense name, it is bringing meaning (sense) from the world of creativity (unseen).


PIJAONLINE: interesting. You’re self-employed and you’re also a student, how do you balance both of these huge jobs together?


Odunayo: first of all though, it is an extraneous task to balance academics plus work, especially for people like me who has other responsibilities demanding our resources, but getting self-employed while in school is the best. It is essential students get to wake up and be creative in the aspect of understanding how to apply what they are learning in school to the real world. Reality is different from school reality. I balance it, I try, and I make sure that none of either affect themselves.


PIJAONLINE: How many years now have you been a self-employed person?


Odunayo: for about 5 years now.


PIJAONLINE: just as we know, you’ll have experience over the years of being a self-employed person, what are you major experiences so far?


Odunayo: Opportunities. Yeah, that is it, opportunities. That is my major experience, I enjoyed a lot of opportunities. I mean, a lot. There are a lot of opportunities I had gotten through my creativity and work that I believe as a normal person, I wouldn’t have. The point is, I am still enjoying them and you know one thing that is certain, when you’re working for yourself on the basis of using your skill to generate income for yourself, you’ll never lack and your pocket will never dry. Even bible said it that a man’s gift would make room for him and let him stand before kings and not before mere men. Gifts is essential in human life. And to have gifts is one, to harness it is another. I harness mine and is bringing bacon on my table.


PIJAONLINE: Your advice for the nigerian students who don’t see the need to think of working while in school?


Odunayo: my advice is simple, invest in yourself by learning a digital skills and then, work for yourself. The world is turning around, it was formerly of those that can work very hard, but now, it is of those that can work very smart. You don’t complete your studies and be looking for job again. The goal of the academic education is to teach you how to make wealth. Your intuition will be left to determine how to apply that teaching in the real world and make wealth. Of course most schools don’t teach us to the best, yet, if you discover your passion for something,(like the way I discovered mine in graphics and digital skills) and you feel the school you attend didn’t teach you well, there are professional courses of that same skill you want to learn. Go out there and learn. As much as how you are potentially capable to make wealth when you learn, so, you’re can be a potential pauper even after NYSC, without learning properly.

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