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Create and Monetise your YouTube channel in these 3 simple steps






Creating a Youtube account might be a little bit taxing to many, especially when it comes with the responsibility of making videos almost, every day.


Many who tend to be a camera freaked, might find this so difficult, while many who love to do it but doesn’t have the right information, find it as well burdensome.


In this post, I am going to teach you a step-by-step ways to create a YouTube channel. And with a plus—Monetising it without paying a dime other than your CONSISTENCY.


By the end of this post you should be able to learn:


1. How to create a YouTube channel

2. How to set up your YouTube channel

3. Why you need to post an SEO Youtube content

4. How to monetise your YouTube channel


You’ll still have an opportunity to be introduced to some useful apps that will be good for your youtube postings.


So, sit tight and ride with me along this journey.


What is a YouTube Channel?


I define YouTube Channel as a “Vlog,” in one word. Meaning, an online platform for video sharing. In the case of YouTube, it allows you to share value-laden and plagiarism free contents.


In more of a simplest term, youtube is a platform where you share reasonable contents in video format. Your content could be on culinary tutorials, could be on guitar trainings, could be informing the public about their health, their environment—as Arise TV, Channel Tv, do or anything. The fact is, your content must just be reasonable and socially responsible.


What to share on YouTube?


Youtube as free as it is, has its stringent rules and it must not be breached.


Youtube will not allow you share plagiarised contents, neither will it allow you to share nudity or contents of related categories. Youtube will not allow you to share content that may affect the psychological state of the public, the like of a terrible car accident video, if caught, your channel will be penalised.


You’re allow to share reasonable contents, alone.


Moreover, your content must as well go in line with your Niche.


Your Niche is the field or area of your focus. It can best be seen as the reason you created the channel at first. The purpose of the channel.


You cannot name a channel FOOD PASTRY and be uploading COSMETICS video contents, you’ve already breached your standard and as such, though you’ll not be penalised by the Youtube management but, your audience will have issues picturing what exactly you’re doing. And that will make you to lose subscribers.


So, you need to be specific.


Create and Monetise your YouTube Channel in these 3 steps


Now, having understood what YouTube channel is and what you must post and what you must not, it is important we move to learn how to create and Monetise your YouTube channel.


I’ll show you 3 steps to do this. One for Youtube channel creation, other for Youtube channel Monetisation. So let’s go for that YouTube channel creation, first.


How to create a Youtube channel


You create your YouTube channel in these following 3 simple steps:


1. Create an account with your Gmail

2. Create a channel and give it a unique name

3. Set your profile and start posting


Simple right? Let me explain.


1. Create an account with you gmail


For Youtube, you need to understand that it is one of Google platforms on the internet and as such, to create it you’ll need a google mail also known as gmail.


Quite bewildering is the fact that many tend to think if they have had a gmail account they have gotten a YouTube account, while partially this might be true, other side of it is an outright falsehood.


You need to get a gmail account, if you don’t have one get it now, here.


Having created your Gmail account, as I always advised open your YouTube channel through your browser, most especially Google Chrome—the reason is it gives you more features you’ll need on the course of managing the channel.


So, open your browser. Say you’re using the Google Chrome, type YouTube.com


It will open you to a page like the below image.

Youtube sign in

Click the sign in button at the right upper hand side of the page then it will open you to another page like the below image.

Google account

The page will be asking for your Gmail address. Type it on it and follow the prompts.


If you successfully follow the process well, then it will open you to where you need to create your channel.

2. Create Your Channel and give it a unique name


Now, to create your channel. You need not to do a lot of work.


Just navigate to your profile page, the one that looks like the below image

Click on it then you’ll be open to a list of stuff beneath your profile list.


Out of those list you’ll see create your channel.


Click on it then, it will take you to the below image

This is where you will need to give your channel a unique name.


Give it the name you want and press done. You’re through.


By this, Congratulate yourself because you’ve successfully created your YouTube channel.


But, still if you do this well, there will be something lacking and that is your profile. Let’s go.


3. Set your profile and start posting


You need to understand that if you had added a profile picture to your Gmail account, the picture will be the profile picture of your YouTube account.


All the information you provided on your Gmail account will be the information representing you on your YouTube account.


The problem occur when the information and your profile picture contrast with what you’re doing on your YouTube account.


Don’t forget the Niche.


So this is why you need to set your profile, well.


I believe creating a Youtube channel means that you want to do something on it, then, that thing has to occupy all your profile. If it is a brand, your brand logo needed to be on your profile picture.


So, to do this. Navigate back to your profile where you navigated to before to set your channel.


Then, press manage your google account. Follow the prompts. It is where you’ll successfully set your profile.


However, since you’ve set your profile, posting is what remains.


To post, don’t forget I said you should not post through the YouTube App. Post through Google Chrome or other browser. But for the sake of this post, I’ll explain with Google Chrome.


Click the link below to watch video on how you’ll upload videos through Google Chrome. Click here


Don’t forget to Like and subscribe to our channel for more update on how to manage your YouTube account and more.


Let’s move on to the next aspect of this post.


Youtube Monetisation


To Monetise your YouTube you need to do a lot of work.


1. You need to be consistent in uploading videos that align with your Niche


2. You need to learn how to write Headlines and meta descriptions of your videos in the language of SEO


3. You need to have at least over 1000 subscribers


4. You need to have at least 10,000 viewers


Oh! My, by now I believe you must have been scared out that you cannot achieve this. Don’t think like that.


You can, if you do the work, properly.


Following are the simple tips you need in moneytising your channel.


1. Make sure your channel is on the area of your interest


2. Schedule the hour you’ll be posting and follow it strictly


3. Learn SEO


4. Post value-laden contents, consistently.


5. Make sure you share your link everywhere it will be valued.


Above all, don’t relent and don’t be discouraged if at first you post and it doesn’t get much views and subscriptions, with time, you’ll get there. Just keep on trying and be consistent.



By this, I am sure, you’ve gotten a bunk of value in reading through this post. If you still have any issue in creating and moneytising your YouTube channel read the post again or get in touch with us pijaedu@gmail.com or get in touch with me through my google mail oyedibuenoch73@gmail.com or WhatsApp: 08100272514 for consultation and more on digital skills. I am Enoch Oyedibu.




The neck-deep investigation, OSINT Fact-checking, Climate Change airing the marginalized, and doing critical and accountability reporting is what I do. I lead a group of professional investigators at the PIJAlance Magazine Research and Investigations Desk (RID). If you have a story, check 'contact us' to hit me.

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