Covid-19: Sanders Pastor enjoins members to take Covid-19 Vaccination during service.  

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Folaranmi Ajayi.


The Pastor in charge of Sanders Memorial Baptist Church of the Student Populated community of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree Rev’d Adeyemi has charged its members to take the Covid-19 vaccination during the Sunday sermon.


This he disclosed while admonishing the members during the Sunday service on the importance to take the first and second dose of the vaccination meant to protect them from the Coronavirus ravaging the world.


The man of God disclosed that everyone young and old, students and none students should take the vaccination as there are reliable information that the government will start checking compliance and those who have yet to should do.


“Go and take it, if you haven’t taken it, after this service you can just go directly behind the church here you will take” the man of God said.


The Pastor who enjoined the members stated that taking the vaccine is free and it doesn’t require paying anymore at all as transportation is not even required.


The members who murmured in amazement shared varying views on the reception of the Covid-19 Vaccination as some complained that there is no time while others agreed with what the man of God said.


Adeola eavesdropped to our reporter ‘I don’t think it is necessary to take the vaccine before but now that the pastor said it I will try to take it,I have friends who have taken the vaccine but I will take it later’.


Another member who agreed with the man of God expressed that many have yet to take the vaccination because they are afraid of injections.


Sanders Memorial Baptist Church is a local church with a global mentality stationed along the polytechnic community.

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