Christianity has nothing to do with my craze, Tonto Dikeh says

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Enoch Oyedibu


Nollywood Icon, Tonto Dikeh, has stated that her being born again life has nothing to do with her inner craze.


She stated this on Saturday via her verified Instagram page, as she warned users who claimed that she was sponsoring a blogger known as ‘gistlover’.


The actress wrote, “I don’t know if I speak bad English or I am ignorant about how bad my English is.


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“I said it earlier. I don’t know gistlover. I am an ‘amebo’ just like you. Just that I have shame now. So all these verified accounts hiding behind the fakes accusing me of fueling gistlover or being a team, you a fool or what?


“I heard I am broke. So how am I supposed to pay a blogger or be on the money side and not be in money? See, y’all don’t stress me or I publish your freaking DMs.



As the caption, she added, “God bless whoever from y’all supports or supported me. Regardless, I win.



“What I ain’t gonna take is knowing that’s your fake account and not ‘chocking’ my hands in your eyes.


“From A -Z, I will deal with anyone who comes to me, so y’all keep streaming the fake accounts. If I catch you we die together and that’s on your parents grave.


“And I’ll always still remain the #jesusgirl. If you are born well enough, write with your real accounts. I’ll slap ,beat the living daylight out of your demons… and beating of demons dey Bible.”