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Cheetah: Stealing the Thunder of Tobi Amusan


Enoch Oyedibu


Minister of Sports Sunday Dare, is trying to teach us something new. That, many have failed to understand. It is a new tradition of living. A new tradition upon which he seemly perched his tenets, savouring its luxury and enjoying its grandeur.


The tradition is tagged “Preying”—a professional way of saying; “stealing” and the question of how and who to prey have been demonstratively answered by our fictional politician, Sunday Dare who is the protagonist as far in this play of preying is concerned.


That being said, the new tradition has a taste. Although, the goal is to prey, not just prey on anything. It is strategic in preying. It only feeds on the strong masses. It ensures they strive on their own, sweat on their own, and labour on their own—where it ought to help, will leave them in a crepuscular crevice where they only have an overt option of either jumping into a river or a fire.


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Worthy of note, as many of them that may try to jump, is as many of them that may leap to ruins. No one will help. Not even, Sunday Dare, who presumedly might not have attained his present position if he had not been helped through NYU and Reuters Foundation of Journalism Research Fellowship during his in the 19s.


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It is amazing how he, Sunday Dare rose climbing the shoulders of others but quite exasperating that he couldn’t reciprocate that back to the World Champion, Tobi Amusan when she needed him most decades back, now.


In an exclusive interview with Mr Amusan, The Punch Newspapers reported, quoting him that, “it was only God and all they have that help them finance Tobi Amusan’s career.” No one, not even, Sunday Dare, probably knew about Tobi Amusan during this time of struggles.


This, as well, brings home urgent attention of the ministry to more talents in the field of sports, wasting away without enough scholarships, funding and proper care to cheer their career for global impacts out from the ministry of sports, headed by Sunday Dare.


Mr Amusan noted that Nigeria’s style of taking sports is not encouraging and the reason was first, why he adamantly try terminating Tobi’s career in sports.


Mr Amusan recounts how Tobi jostled through the thorny path of greatness before he bolted out to the limelight; the entire story didn’t capture Sunday Dare.


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However, it became an embarrassing thing to behold when Sunday Dare went ahead to take a photograph with Tobi Amusan—the person whom he doesn’t even visit in Oregon, whom his ministry barely sold a penny into her career.


No wonder she cried on stepping on the bannister to claim the medal. She must cry because people like Sunday Dare are there to steal her thunder. To leech her crown and claim her glory. Her hard-earned success, to lord it over and take all the glory back to the country famine of anything good leaders and peace.


This new tradition, I hope it ends and Sunday Dare should, by all means, use this as a point of contact to fund Sporting activities in Nigeria.


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