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Breaking: Ospoly Mgt Reverse Order, Mandates Tax Clearance For File Submission


Enoch Oyedibu



The Osun State Polytechnic, Iree management body has reversed its prior verdict that ‘Tax Clearance’ should not be added to the criteria for submission of files.


The management, though didn’t make this known officially, some students who went to their respective faculties to submit their files were the one alerted about the sudden reversal of order.


A tour through the institution’s faculties by PIJAONLINE correspondent shows that faculty officers are strictly demanding tax clearance as part of the criteria for submission of files.


Recalled that the Students Union Government of the institution, under the aegis of Comrade Ajao Samson had earlier announced in a memo that it has liased with the management and Tax clearance imperative as part of the criteria for submission of academic files has been eradicated.


It came with a punch of surprise when faculties in the institution announced a U-turn.


In the faculty of Information and Communications Technology, (FICT), placards with inscription “attached your parent’s Tax Clearance to your file. Please Note: Osun State Tax Clearance is only acceptable.” Likewise in the faculty of Science, faculty officer met with our correspondent said, “you can submit your files with or without the tax clearance, it’s not compulsory.” While, the faculty officer at the Faculty of Engineering (FENG) sarcastically talked to our correspondent saying tax clearance should be added at a must.


She said when our correspondent asked that SUG had earlier said it has been eradicated, “go and submit your file to the SUG then.”


However, a call through the Incumbent President of the Students Union Government, Comrade Ajao Samson (Impeccable), he said, “since yesterday I had heard about this I have been taking some measures and putting calls through everywhere I can.


“Trust me, don’t worry, it would be Suspended again before the end of today.”

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