BREAKING: Man shots dead newborn baby with four bullets

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A Pakistani man Shahzaib Khan has killed his seven-day-old daughter in the city of Mianwali.


Khan shot the baby four times with a pistol.



Khan was said to have desired a male offspring as the first child and was disappointed when his wife gave birth to a female child.



According to Gulf Today Report, Khan married Mashal Fatima two years ago and wanted a son as his first baby.


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On learning of the birth of a daughter, Khan stayed away from home and refused to accept the child.



When he eventually came home, he approached his wife with a pistol and shot the newborn dead after snatching her from his wife.


Family members were said to be present in the house when the incident happened.


But they couldn’t stop him as he threatened to shoot anyone that tried to intervene.


The baby was taken to a hospital where doctors pronounced her dead.


The autopsy report showed the suspect had fired four bullets to kill the newborn.


Khan is on the run.


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