BREAKING: African President Resigns after Military Coup D’etat

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The Burkina Faso President, Roch Kabore has resigned from his position after a military coup on Sunday.


The resignation letter addressed to the leader of the coup d’etat Colonel Paul Henry, on Monday made the voluntary interest of the president to resign citing the Coup D’etat as an excuse.

According to the military, the decision is a process to make the country fall back to the right path.

His letter reads, “In the interest of the nation, after the events that have occurred since yesterday, I have decided to resign from my functions as President of Burkina Faso, Head of Government, and Supreme Commander of the National Armed Forces.”

“With the sole objective of allowing our country to return to the right path and gather all its forces to fight for its territorial integrity… and its sovereignty,” said a spokesman for the Patriotic Movement for the Safeguarding and the Restoration (MPSR), which the military created to carry out their assault against the constitutional order.


However, the coup plotters also announced the closure of air and land borders and the establishment of a curfew from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. local time throughout the national territory. These measures will remain in force “until further order”.

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