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Bomb Russia in guise of China, leave them fighting, Trump hints


Former USA President Donald Trump has bizarrely hinted at the bombing of Russia by America, in the guise of China. “We should take our F-22 planes, put the Chinese flag on them and bomb the shit out out of Russia. And then we say – China did it, we didn’t do, China did it, and then they start fighting with each other and we sit back and watch,” suggested Trump while speaking at a gathering in New Orleans.



It was tweeted by Josh Dawsey, a journalist with Washington Post.


On Saturday Night (GMT), Donald Trump was seen talking to his Republican National Committee (RNC) donors about the steps the US should take in response to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. Trump suggested that by Putting ‘Chinese flags’ on American F-22 range fighters, The US would be able to teach Russia a lesson without taking the responsibility for it. At the same time, that would prove as a strategy to create rift between China and Russia who have been strategic partners in countering the rise of America since the Soviet era.


Talking about the reponse of Western nations in countering the Russian agression, Trump commented that the NATO was always a ‘paper tiger’. He asked, “At what point, do we say can we not take this massive crime against humanity? We can’t let it happen. We can’t let it continue to happen,”


It has been a well known fact that Donald Trump as an American President was always a staunch critic of NATO. In his memoir, the former Security Advisor of the United States, John Bolton has written that Trump was keen to pull the US out of NATO in his 2nd term.



Bolton suggested that while Russian Prsident Vladimir Putin was aware of this, he waited for the same before finally moving forward with plans to invade Ukraine.

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