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Bittersweet doses on leadership: Need for Ospoly Leaders to rethink


Ibitokun Tope



As my leadership mentor will declare “A leader is the one that knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.”


I won’t sound like a pessimist or a little chicken with the mantra the sky is falling because it felt ashes on its head and it started its clamouring for a change and turnaround in its society.


Change is a constant, the people of old, fail to take it into cognisant and it greatly diminished and reduce the quality of human existence, leaving the state of humanity in mere survival mode on the brink of either extinction or collapse of morals and conducts.


The principles that were given man for smooth sailing and progress amidst his colleagues— the authority over every beast of the earth and birds of the sky both underneath the earth and in the firmament—have been check-mated starting from the first man that ever graced its surface to this current crop of humans and has gone through rigorous transformation and Metamorphosis in terms of thought patterns, technologies, medical realignment and evolution to say a few. Both the social strata of man, which, had not changed much because of nature and the nurture of man which, has gone haywire over the years.


The series of leaders been produced has polluted and killed the system that made them who they should have been which is “Agents of change” but the Hitler’s of this world the Stalin’s; The Abacha’s and Babaginda’s of today, have soiled the hope of future leaders that wants to bring about a ‘real change’ not leaders with charisma and no character. Not leaders with policies and no principles. Not leaders with education and no common sense and hypocrites with a dual personalities that can change face at will like the ancient Greece that started the stage play where a man or woman can act multiple roles while using different masks.


The society we live in has made it unbearable for leaders with real substance and character to push through to the very top. Talk of our very known institute where the rector doesn’t listen to anyone but himself or of the series of lecturers, who solace was in between the legs of their female students. It is as if students’ parents brought them to school for their lives to be destroyed by these preying lions, who wait daily for their constant meal. What about the extortion in terms of unnecessary increase in school fees and topping it up with late payment fees or the compulsive belabour to buy handouts at exorbitant prices my ink won’t permit me to write about a lecturer teaching under the influence of alcohol and drugs and what will you expect from such a lawless Institution?


With different elections coming up, so many candidates have shown interest in one office or the other from the Student Union Government, to the local election in different faculties and departments.


I won’t mention the naughty and hooliganism approach used by some aspirants in my department to silence other aspirants who were perceived as weak, since they can’t do what they are doing. Can’t count the experiences of some well-meaning aspirants, whom, through the forceful approach of some aspirants who delight to get into the position of power, by all means, have been subjected to intimidations and harassments.


I can recall vividly in my National Diploma (N.D) period when one of my mates was vying for a political seat at the highest office of the Daily Part-Time (DPT) student governing body. We were greeting each other and I noticed some fresh insertion marks on him so I asked him about the upcoming elections and the marks I saw on his arms. He said, as for the mark, they were for protections and “protection from what?” I asked.


“From his competitors and fellow aspirants that would want to steal this seat from him,” he concluded.


Some in their quest for what I see as “cheap campus popularity” sold their heart and soul to the devil thereby, going fetish, neglecting the nitty-gritty and core values of leadership which is Service to your fellow humans and leading them to a specific destination.


Resignedly, across the departments and faculties in the Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, it’s questionable that if the incoming leaders, (ASPIRANTS for political seats) have what it takes to push us forward in the institution at large. Or is it to slow us down and bedevil us with their shady character flaws, what they have to offer?


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