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Biography: Who Is Omasong?


Jerome Kalu 


“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, while some have greatness thrust upon them.”


The first and the second to the last clauses in the above assertion from the famous European playwright, William Shakespeare have found an expression in Opeoluwa Mensah Felix popularly known as OMASONG as he became one of the up-and-coming Nigerian musicians doing fantastically well even while still studying.


OMASONG has this silvery voice that is capable of sonorously and quietly breathing a soothing feeling into your soul and live you not hanging but taking you by hands to a place like Eldorado where your self finds rest even in your trying times. Phew!


But wait! Before you fall head-over-heels for this Lagos musician, get to know who is OMASONG and how he started his musical career in this interview PIJAlance Magazine had with him as he revealed why he needs sponsorship.

Biography: Who Is Omasong?

PIJAlance Magazine: Can we know you?


OMASONG: I am by name, Opeoluwa Mensah Felix, also known as OMASONG. I grew up in Lagos, Ebute Meta area; but I am originally at Lagos Island, Isale-Eko, precisely. I attended St. Jude Primary School; I had my Junior Secondary School at Green Point, my Senior Secondary School at Lagos City College, and now my Degree Program in Yaba College of Technology; National Diploma in Mass Communication.


PIJAlance Magazine: Tell us how your musical career started?


OMASONG: I will say it is an inborn something, because I started at a little age, as I have also been told then that I was fun of music. There was a time when I had to give out my food just to listen to music and feel it inside of me. However, at my teenage age, I started as a chorister, though I had stage fright and many other barriers. I also played some instruments in my church, but as of 2017 I started singing on my own and I was able to conquer the phobia.


PIJAlance Magazine: What motivated you into music?


OMASONG: The Big Stage. I have always imagined myself on a Big Stage, with thousands and millions of people, so whenever I am down when that picture of me on a big stage comes to my mind, it motivates me to continue.


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PIJAlance Magazine: Of all genres, why do you choose hip-hop?


OMASONG: Well, for me, I understand that there are different genres of music but all of them still points to the lines and message one is passing to the audience; as there is some Gospel music that does not talk about gospel messages. However, some Hip-hop music passes wonderful messages; music is a very powerful weapon and if anyone knows how to use this weapon, the person will surely be great.

Biography: Who Is Omasong?

PIJAlance Magazine: How did your parent react when they knew you wanted to start singing?


OMASONG: Well, it was not easy for me because I lost my dad when I was 6 years old, so I was raised by just my mum. She has always had in mind that I become somebody like a Governor, Lawyer, especially a “white-collar kind of job” at least, which was contrary to my idea so it evoked some misunderstanding between us and delayed my education too. So after hiding it from her for a long time, in 2017 I had to officially reveal to them my intention for music, and now she is in support of it and all has been going well.


PIJAlance Magazine: You’re singing and yet studying, both are heavy tasks how are you balancing the two?


OMASONG: Though music is my number one priority, I schedule time for both because I am now in school. When I am in school I concentrate, also I rehearse within my soul at times and practice more at midnight, so there is time for everything.


PIJAlance Magazine: Well, let us say, Mr Mensah, do you have time to read at all?


OMASONG: Seriously, I do not really have much time for reading, but whenever I am in class I try to always listen to the lecturers and understand whatever is being taught at that moment, so whenever it is examination period, I simply revise and recollect whatever has been taught earlier in class. I am always attentive in class because I know my reading schedule is usually tight, as it is from school to my mother’s shop and after that to school, as an everyday routine. After all, she has a bar that closes at least midnight in the midnight and I have to be there to assist, yet I do not sleep at that closing hour, I still have to rehearse and research on music lines before going to bed.


PIJAlance Magazine: How far have you gone in this your musical career?


OMASONG: Well, although I started as a little boy, officially OMASONG is six years now in the music industry since 2016.


PIJAlance Magazine: Can you state one or two challenges you have encountered up to this moment?


OMASONG: Some of my biggest challenges are rejection and finance. Meeting brands, companies, producers, there has always been rejection for me, and if one does not have money to support it, it is usually uneasy out there, because music nowadays is commercial.


PIJAlance Magazine: How do you manage co-musicians in your genre?


OMASONG: Firstly, I feel music is not a competition, so if one is winning another is winning too; so I just do what I know how to do best.


PIJAlance Magazine: what makes your music different?


OMASONG: It is because I fit myself into many genres of music if not all, which makes me unique.


PIJAlance Magazine: Who do you wish to be like in the Music industry?


OMASONG: If there is one person I would like to be like is the late Michael Jackson. But I still have his spirit in me, to be the next eyes of the world; for people to see and appreciate my music in every part of the world.


PIJAlance Magazine: Who is your role model?


OMASONG: Well, I do not have a personal role model because while I was growing up I listened to different people’s music like King Sunny Ade, Michael Jackson, Wizkid, Kizz Daniel. So I listen to everybody and I love everybody’s craft because I enjoy music.


PIJAlance Magazine: If there are other up-and-coming artiste out there, how would you encourage them?


OMASONG: Yes, I have many friends out there who I hope if I am there on the “Big Stage” someday I will not hesitate to carry them along because they are amazing. Artiste like: Prayzee, 50Cent, Clinton and many others.”


PIJAlance Magazine: What are your achievements so far?


OMASONG: Well, nothing but one achievement is being on this interview and by this, I believe I would achieve a lot this year.


Opeoluwa Mensah Felix has so far released tracks like Badman (cover), Sweet Ft Boi onedah, Jo ft Olabzyberry and Aje.

He currently working on a track he is not ready to disclose, yet.

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