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Billionaire Elumelu Shares NYSC Photo, Encourages Passing Out Corps Members



About a few days ago, billionaire Tony Elumelu shared on his verified social media platforms a picture of him and his friend at the National Youths Service Corps camp in Sokoto.

Billionaire Elumelu Shares NYSC Photo, Encourages Passing Out Corps Members

The picture according to him was dated back to 1985 when they were enjoying drinks they “could afford and” were “unsure about the next steps.”


Elumelu said “in my uncertainty, I was sure of one thing, I will stand out wherever I found myself, through hard work and resilience.


“I had always admired the banking profession, for one, I loved that the guys in the profession were always impeccably dressed… suspenders were a huge thing then, and I wanted to look like them.


“A few years later, after my Master, I saw the application for graduates with a minimum of 2:2 in All States Trust Bank, this aligned with what I wanted for my life, but my 2:1 grade did not make me qualified, still, I applied, because I identified what I wanted in life and I was going to work towards it. I put in my application and said ‘Even though I do not meet these requirements if you give me the chance, I will prove myself.’ I got this job and spent every day proving myself and earning my luck in the bank.


“Do it afraid and do it unsure! To the young ones out there, especially those who just passed out of NYSC yesterday, this is my message to you. The world needs your courage.”


It is worth noting that Tony Elumelu has always been attributing the success he acquired in life to hard work and luck. He has always been saying only because he was hardworking and had luck that work for him makes him who he is.


The founder of United Bank for Africa and the CEO of Tony Elumelu Foundation—a foundation founded for helping African startups—has always been advising the youths to never be weak in learning and as well be active in looking out for luck that can work for them.


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