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Amid Eco Crisis, Mgt of LUTH Increases Tuition Fees by 30%, Suspends SUG

students who were paying N186,600 to pay N258,100 with immediate effect.


Enoch Oyedibu, Folaranmi Ajayi


Despite the economic crisis and massive inflation in the country, the leadership of the School of Health and Information Management, Lagos State Teaching Hospital, has decided to inflate the payment of tuition fees by 30 percent.


The management also suspended the Student Union Government activities—an act which has been rumored is a response to Students’ resistance against increment on tuition fees.


The increment of tuition fees if effected will have students who were paying N186,600 to pay N258,100 with immediate effect. This is an increase in a total of N71,500.


Students of the institution have also decried the sudden increment while describing it as insalubrious ways of extorting students despite poor welfare and inordinate campus facilities.

Rear view of one of LUTH’s classrooms with decimated windows. Credit: Folaranmi Ajayi

Aggrieved students let out their cry immediately after the management of the institution suddenly revealed the new tuition fees students will be paying, hence through an internal memorandum.


Speaking with some students, PIJAlance Magazine gathered that the institution decreased in all other sectors except tuition fees, and it is unbearable.


“I’m a student of the school of health information management, Lagos university teaching hospital idi araba. Our school management keeps on sending us out of the school for school fees like secondary school students The fees have been increased by 30% Like two sessions before now they paid 70k plus, and we are paying about 200k+ despite the economic status of the country,” a student stated.


“Because the issue is beyond what we expect as it is we are being forced to pay the money and some of us already start making part payment so that we can attend lectures and register for our courses, and we are already close to the end of the semester, and we’re not even done half or quarter of the syllabus.


“We are not being pitied at all, we are to pay that huge amount of money and still, our infrastructures are not good.


“I don’t even know what to say…the windows are bad, part of the building has crack (sic), the fans and AC are not in good condition, during rainy season waters (sic) are always everywhere in class, and we have to dip our legs in it.”


Another student noted that “It’s not just the fee, it’s about the treatment the Sch is giving students. It’s tiring.”


A source who pleaded anonymity said the school has increased colossally the amount paid for tuition fees by the students whereas the standard of learning kept failing every day, even lecturers were not treated properly.


“The school fees have been increased exorbitantly with no improvement in the standard of learning and facilities, rather it’s getting worse.”


Management of the institution has currently closed down all classes until students pay their tuition fees.


“Now they have closed down classes until students pay for the fees,” the source added.


However, PIJAlance Magazine gathered that LUTH’s standard of learning and campus facilities have deteriorated beyond average as there were decimated classrooms, and partly destroyed ceilings, windows and doors which, consistently ushered in any environmental hazard into respective classrooms whenever there is one.


Even, footage obtained from a source shows some classrooms seriously plunged in rainfall water, making students partly engaged with water while studying during raining season.


Other declined facilities of LUTH saw were its students’ toilet, among others.


This is why students of the institution appealed to the government and the management of the institution to not only reduce the number of tuition fees based on the current wall Nigeria’s economy has faced but to also help students have a conducive learning environment by improving campus facilities used as tools for learning purposes.


But in response to this, management restricted students who have not paid new tuition fees to take lectures and as well suspended SUG activities.


Several attempts to contact the Public Relations Officer of the institution proved abortive, as she left our calls unanswered as of the press time.


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