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Alert! New Word For Your Writing, Speaking — Montell Benson


Montell Benson




Dictionary publishing is probably the most collaborative ventures on earth. It is also widely thought to be the only brand of publishing that demands not only great language skill but painstaking attention to detail. Reputable dictionaries carry with them a distinguished pedigree of perfection earned after years of rigorous research and in-depth study of how the English language works not just theoretically but in practice too. This is reflected in the way dictionary publishers ensure that each edition meets the chief requirement of users namely, that each word therein should offer as simple a definition as possible. Beyond that, a good dictionary offers a comprehensively illustrative coverage of how the word is used. I coined the word below recently and have suggested it to Oxford, Cambridge, Longman, Collins and Macmillan for possible inclusion in one of their future updates, though I am fully aware of the requirements needed for that to happen.


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~ /ˈmɒdən ænˈtɪkwəti/


♦1. (n.)

▪[] a functional, sophisticated object whose user does not consider fashionable any longer, because a much better version has been released


•It has almost become customary for people to look down on every previous version of the iPhone as a modern antiquity soon after a new version is released.


▪[] the state of being regarded as outdated because there is something better

•The company is offering a few items of expensive modern antiquity for sale.


•Men often find it strange how women are quick to treat obviously new clothes as modern antiquity every now and then.


♦2. (adj.)

▪[ ] belonging to the present day but treated as old-fashioned nonetheless

•modern-antiquity equipment/device/gadget

•These are modern-antiquity earphones compared to the ones I found on eBay.


Etymology: [Compounding: a combination of and used derogatorily to describe something that is considered old-fashioned although it is fairly recent, because a better version is on the market.)


[• Credit: Montell Benson •]

Montell Benson is a grammarian and IELTS instructor with an ocean of experience working in developing reputable dictionaries, like Pearson, e.t.c. He writes from Lagos.
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