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Alchemy-Of-Souls: Two Mighty Souls Love Jang Uk

Jang Uk who nearly married Naksu in Bu Yeon's body as Mudeok, unceremoniously married Naksu in Supposed Bu Yeon's body.


Enoch Oyedibu

Alchemy-Of-Souls Mighty Souls—Jang Uk, aside from having an unusual fate, has a way of finding it soft with beautiful and mighty souls in Alchemy of souls. Most of these maidens would have probably been expected to be the darling wife of the eldest son of Seo, the supposed Handsome Man in Daeho.


With this in mind, Alchemy of Souls Part II came with a lot of surprises. After three years, a lot has happened so much that transformation has met the soul of Naksu trapped in the ailing body of Mudeok, the blind victim who would later be the lost daughter of the Jin Family.


So, the new transformation had Naksu not only retained her burnt body but her soul as well, though her memories were dead and left behind in the realm of forgetfulness.

Alchemy-Of-Souls 2: Two Mighty Souls Fell in Love With Jang Uk
Photo Grid of Jang Uk and Naksu.

This twist at first had sent winter coldness into the spines of many viewers who had developed character affection for our dear Naksu, who was trapped in the body of weak but powerful Mudeok.


Many have taught maybe actress Jung So-Min, who was acting as Mudeok has been replaced following a feud, undisclosed. But the story became clearer in the second episode of Alchemy Of Souls Part II when Master Lee gave the explicit narration of how Naksu’s soul was saved at the expense of destroying Bu Yeon’s soul and help retained the burnt body of Naksu. All of this was done with the consent of Jinyowon since her obsession was just to see her daughter back.


Her obsession was going perfectly well for three years since Naksu, now Bu Yeon, the eldest daughter of Jinyowon family lost all her memories. Bu Yeon only lived by any story told to her, she has no memory of the past. So, even with the face of Naksu, she believed she is Bu Yeon the eldest daughter of Jinyowon. But the family leader knew the truth and that was why she locked her up.


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However, as fate will put it, Jang Uk, the current greatest powerful mage in Daeho, while on his usual routine chasing the near-petrifying soul shifters, he landed in the household of Jinyowon. After killing the soul shifter, then, met Bu Yeon. Both of them never recognised each other, and it becomes another journey to a puzzling fate for them.


Jang Uk was still in search of his loving Naksu who stabbed him to death three years ago. But never know the same Naksu has been reborn into her old body, now called Bu Yeon.


Alchemy-Of-Souls Mighty Souls

Bu Yeon too lost all her memories and currently lives on only what was told to her by her parent and sister. She never knew she is Naksu and that she had previously had grudges against Mages in Daeho to the extent that she stabbed the only person that unconditionally loved him.


Well, things became more interesting as Jin Mu knows the true nature of Bu Yeon since Naksu formerly works for him. But currently, he is speculating.


Jinyowon’s family intend to marry off Bu Yeon in secret, get her to give birth to an heir to the family then discarded her when the previous night’s meeting of her and Jang Uk led them to unceremoniously marry themselves. And led Jang UK, who is only in search of someone like Bu Yeon to remove the ice stone (hidden inside him) keeping him alive, to declare their marriage in front of the unanimous assembly. To Jang Uk, Bu Yeon is just Bu Yeon, the powerful priestess of the Jin Family.


It was a surprise to all and even to the viewers as we all await the next episodes to be released next Saturday and Sunday.


Meanwhile, it is still a delight for Bu Yeon to marry Jang UK. And that makes me think, Jang UK must be a lucky guy, loved by Naksu in Mudeok’s body and later loved by Bu Yeon in Naksu’s body. Hahahaha! Interesting.

Alchemy-Of-Souls Mighty Souls

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