Alaye: Nigerian-made AI Chatbot Aggressive and Speaks Pidgin 

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An AI Chatbot called “Alaye” has taken the Nigerian tech community by storm with its aggressive responses.


The creator of this Chatbot, who goes by the name Stanley, surprised Nigerians for developing Alaye in just one day, he told PIJAlance.


Alaye uses Pidgin English, a common dialect spoken in Nigeria, and has attracted a significant following among Nigerians who find its responses amusing.

Alaye: Nigerian-made AI Chatbot Aggressive and Speaks Pidgin 
Chat with Alaye posted by another tweep.

Recently, PIJAlance, chatted with Alaye and got some spunky and harsh replies. When our team said hello, Alaye snapped, “Wetin you want? You no see say I dey work? Talk quick, I no get time,” which means, “what exactly do you want, can’t you see that I am working? I don’t have time.”


Our team then proceeded to ask who developed Alaye and why it’s so aggressive, to which Alaye responded, “Na human being like you develop me. Wetin concern you with that one? You wan japa? Aggressive ke? I no dey aggressive, na just my character be that. I be Mushin boy, we no dey carry last for anything. If you no wan hear my mouth, comot for my front.” “A human being like you developed me. What concern you with that one? Do you want to travel out? Aggressive! I am not aggressive, it is just my character. I am a Mushin (a city in Lagos) boy and we are always smart. If you don’t want to hear what I’ll say, leave my side.”


On another occasion, our team messaged Alaye, but the Chatbot’s response was just as unapologetic.


The creator of Alaye remains anonymous and only wants to be known as Stanley for now.

Alaye: Nigerian-made AI Chatbot Aggressive and Speaks Pidgin 
PIJAlance’s chat with Alaye.

Nevertheless, the development of Alaye is coming after the successful launch of ChatGPT, an AI tool, and the groundbreaking work of Malik Afegbua’s Fashion Show series, which is made by an AI tool and set in a dystopian world of old people. These innovations show that Nigerian youths are starting to make their mark in the AI world as the world transitions into a new era.


Nigerians have always been known for their talent and creativity, and the development of Alaye by Stanley is yet another example of this. Although the Chatbot’s aggressive responses may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is a fun and entertaining way for Nigerians to engage with AI technology.


As Nigeria continues to embrace AI and new technologies, we can expect to see more impressive innovations from the country’s talented youth.


In conclusion, Alaye’s aggressive character and quick wit have captured the attention of Nigerians, and its development in just one day by Stanley is a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of Nigerian youths.


While the Chatbot’s responses may not be suitable for everyone, it serves as a unique way for Nigerians to engage with AI technology and pave the way for more innovations to come.


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