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Again Domestic Violence Knocks, Man Called Believe Iyamu Beats Wife To Death In Delta



After the death of the popular Ekueme Singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu who died as a result of domestic violence, one would have thought based on the aftermath of what happened to the husband, all men would have learnt. But it remains a reverse case, as a man called Iyamu Believe recently beat his wife to death over issues undisclosed in Delta.


Neighbours have said the beating of the mother of two by the husband, has been constant, but the one that lobbed her to death was the first. Though, others will catapult her into unconsciousness.


Whilst the world was celebrating Valentine’s day, the wife, Ofoni Kevwe was battling with dear life at a hospital where she was pronounced dead, afterwards. She was hospitalised as a result of Believe, her husband’s beatings.

Again Domestic Violence Knocks, Man Beats Wife To Death In Delta
Believe Iyamu and Ofoni Kevwe

However, ever since the death of his wife, Iyamu Believe has obeyed the floor—he is already on the run and he is out of reach.


Worthy of note, reports have it that she (Kevwe) was a high-blood pressure patient. Sister said it was a result of the constant beatings she received from her husband, Iyamu Believe. He usually beats her at the slightest provocation and every attempt to persuade Ofoni Kevwe’s family to allow her to move out of the house proved abortive, neighbours have said. Kewve’s Parents had said she should face her marriage.


Sometimes, whenever she was beaten it was always into unconsciousness, neighbours said. It usually took their collaborative efforts to revive her. Each time she went home to report her husband to her family for his acts, they would welcome her and after a while, the same family will pressure her to go back to her husband.


Mrs Kevwe eventually got tired of going back to report to them as she has seen that the family was not ready to do anything about the situation and made up her mind to gather some money so she would relocate to an unknown destination with her two daughters. But fate caught up with her as she was not able to gather the money needed before she died, Neighbours had said.


Mrs Kevwe eventually died at the hospital after the beating she received from her husband on Valentine’s day and the husband has since fled into hiding.


Her body has been deposited at the mortuary and the family in turn has taken full custody of the children as they have no idea where the supposed husband has fled to.


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