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Again, Actress Aduni Ade narrates how crew member groped her


Enoch Oyedibu



Nollywood actress Adunni Ade has narrated her encounter with a crew member who groped her on a film set.


The actress took time to explain how a male sound engineer tried to touch and intimidate her after confronting him.


Adunni said that although it wasn’t her first time working with the man, whose name she withheld but addressed as ‘egbon’ (big brother) in the video, she had consistently told him not to ever mount her microphone as he can easily give it to a female colleague to do so which they agreed.



However, according to the actress whose new movie ‘Soole’ is premiering soon, the sound man allegedly pulled her bra and she shoved his hand in between her bra down to her bottom.


She said: “When I got on the set he came with the mic and tried to put it on me and I said what are you doing, have you forgotten you can’t touch me, don’t touch me, give the mic to the makeup artist and let her fix the mic on me. At first, he was reluctant, I said egbon let’s not go back and forth, you’ve never fixed the mic on me aside the first time you did and it’s not going to happen again so the girl was the one doing it all through.



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“On the third day, it was at night we were running lines on the dining table while taking the lines, I felt someone just jerked my dress back and I thought it was the makeup artiste so I turned to say you could have asked for an excuse but surprisingly it was the sound engineer who pulled my dress. Now in my head, I’m beginning to think that there is a hidden obsession with this man. Again, I told him I thought we agreed that he will never touch me, then he apologized and we all saw him give the mic to the makeup artist.



“The next thing, aggressively, an arm was shoved down my back, grabbed my bra, and he put his hand in between my bra and my back, his hand is down there on my bottom. I was shocked when I turned around and saw the sound engineer, his hand was inside my back again.”


She further disclosed how the sound engineer tried to intimidate her during a confrontation.



“After I explained the incident to the DOP and director, they went to meet him but I do not know what was communicated but he came straight to me and was trying to intimidate me at this point with his voice.”



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